Modern Combat 5 Blackout: for anyone who loves playing at war

Like nothing better than gratuitous explosions and taking down terrorist bad guys with grenades and heavy weapons? This is the game for you.

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Modern Combat set the benchmark for mobile FPS. Here, the game has been ported on to the big screen, to be enjoyed with controller in hand. Take a moment to catch your breath before you start because once you do, it’s non-stop action! It’s the most frenetic FPS out there.

The story is straightforward: in the near future, the geopolitical landscape is hellish, and you serve as a member of an international organisation. Armed to the teeth, your job is to eliminate terrorists whose sole desire is to steal weapons of mass destruction. You are assigned the missions to retrieve the nuclear warheads at all costs.
Each mission takes 2-5 minutes, tops, but they are 110% intense.
In addition to its war game appeal, Modern Combat’s watchwords are spectacle, explosions, and scripts a go-go.

Gameloft Gameloft Modern Combat 5 Blackout

Before you start a mission you select a character class (assault, sniper, heavy, recon, etc.) and choose the skills and weapons unique to its class. We love the “Bullet Control” that lets you adjust the path of a sniper rifle bullet after you’ve fired it.

The single player campaign alternates between the extremely varied main missions and “Spec Ops” missions, which you don’t need to complete to finish the game, but are there for the pure challenge and to help you learn new features.

Gameloft Gameloft Modern Combat 5 Blackout

Within each level, you soon progress from carefully aimed shots taken from cover, to a free-for-all emptying magazines at anything that moves. MC5 will take you all over the world, including Tokyo and Venice. The cinematic cut-scenes are a joy to behold, with entire buildings sometimes collapsing to change the layout of the battlefield.

It’s really easy to pick up and start having fun. You don’t die too often and the game gradually ramps up the difficulty. The perfect game to blow off some steam when you have a moment to yourself.