Marcus Level: sucked into a game

Your kids definitely know who Marcus Level is and they know all about his adventures, intimately linked to the video-gaming world. They’ll love playing as this fun, friendly character.

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Fans of Marcus the Streamer and gaming journalist, or Marcus, the little doggy from Paw Patrol... don’t get offended. Because the Marcus in question here is the hero of a cartoon popular with kids aged 6-10. Marcus Level-Mega Marcus is a French cartoon where in each episode Marcus is sucked into his favourite heroic fantasy video game, where he gets to experience the adventures of the game’s hero first-hand.

The video game follows the same concept: it begins with an unsuspecting Marcus sitting comfortably at home, playing his favourite game – Gorbar and the Valley of the Seven Light Towers – while his parents are out. But things don’t stay peaceful for long, and Marcus is sucked into the game which he must complete and save Princess Aria from the evil clutches of Vipkrad if he is to make it back to his home in the real world!

Plug In Digital	 3DDUO Marcus Level

This endless racing game (or runner) is special in that it looks very much like a platform game. You automatically run through familiar settings (castles, beaches, towers, etc.) with the aim of collecting items and fragments of an enchanted mirror.

Each level has a number of different secrets for you to find. A variety of boosts and upgrades will help you get there, whether by replenishing your life, saving time, or collecting items. The game contains 20 levels spread across four worlds, more than enough for a quick blast of fun with the kids.

Plug In Digital	 3DDUO Marcus Level

It’s cute, non-violent, and a real joy to play, and the levels are short so that your kids don’t spend too much time staring at a screen. A colourful game that should be popular with those who like Abraca Imagic Games.

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