Manual Samuel

Manual Samuel

Fall-down comedy!

Manual Samuel

Manual Samuel

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Quirky, original, and hilarious. Play as a spoiled rich kid who cheated death by making a deal with the devil. All he has to do is survive 24 hours in the land of the living. The only snag is that his body is absolutely incapable of moving automatically, so you have to keep him breathing (in and out), move him around while keeping him upright, and even help him pee! A real hit.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you: the player character is arrogant and full of himself, an obnoxious rich kid. After a fatal accident, he meets Death, decked out in a red baseball cap, and makes a deal: if he can survive one day in a body where he has to do everything manually, he will be brought back to life...

And that’s where things get complicated. Forget to breathe and you’ll pass out, step twice with the same leg when walking and you’ll end up in the splits, and forget to blink often enough and the colours will fade and you could go blind.

Manual Samuel - Curve Games - Fall-down comedy!

Plenty to find yourself dying of laughter.
Especially in the bathroom.

The game definitely tends towards comedy, whether though the dialogue or the situations in which Samuel finds himself. You will, for example, be tasked with driving a car in which you have to juggle the three pedals, the gearstick and steering wheel, as well as breathing and blinking... all without causing an accident.
If ever things get too difficult, you can always call in the help of a friend.

Manual Samuel - Curve Games - Fall-down comedy!

It’s a tricky little game, but a fun one and full of Easter eggs.

Top tip: Go for a Speedrun and try to complete the game’s 8 chapters as quickly as possible.

The game is subtitled and you’ll need a controller to get the hang of it.

PS: remember to watch the credits all the way to the end for a surprise.

Manual Samuel
  • Age16


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Publisher: Curve Games

Developer: Perfectly Paranormal

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