KungFu Kickball

KungFu Kickball

Much more than just another party game.

KungFu Kickball

KungFu Kickball

Blowfish Studios

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Just pure fun. Imagine that you can jump, fight, kick, and teleport like a Dragon Ball character, and then use these abilities to play footy in some outlandish settings! Each game lasts three minutes, and points are scored by ringing your opponent’s bell. A great game, especially in multiplayer.

With its outlandish concept that combines kung fu with goalscoring, KungFu Kickball is an arcade game that's easy to pick up and play, and that really brings the fun. It's the kind of game that's a hit on Twitch and YouTube, with its immediate gratification and action that's easy to follow.

We also loved the character design that's reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z and Scott Pilgrim. The retro aesthetic and joyful music will transport you back to a time when games were all about the fun. An unpretentious title.

KungFu Kickball - Blowfish Studios - Much more than just another party game.

The aim in KungFu Kickball is to use martial arts to ring your opponent's bell with the ball. The player with the most points at the final whistle is the winner. It's a bit like football, but much more fun.

As you would expect, the gameplay is super-easy to pick up and play. The character control is smooth and responsive, with jump, kick, and quick dodge buttons. But that's all you need.

KungFu Kickball - Blowfish Studios - Much more than just another party game.

In some ways, the game is similar to Rocket League and its straightforward gameplay. Rounds last five minutes by default, and not one second more. And that's where the tactics come into play. Most of the maps are designed with undulating terrain and physical barriers between you and your opponent's bell. A powerful kick will send the ball flying across the level, but if it rebounds off the uneven ground, it might just come bouncing back to you. Thankfully, there's a very useful teleportation button. Try it for yourself!

Once you've got used to the controls, all of these manoeuvres are a joy to pull off. Anticipate the bounce of the ball when it hits a corner, then jump in the air and give it a solid kick. Teleporting to exactly the right spot to send the ball miles away from the other player, while your opponent tries to do the same, is so fast-paced and exciting.

KungFu Kickball - Blowfish Studios - Much more than just another party game.

Our advice? You can play in single-player against the AI, but it's better to just get stuck into the multiplayer. Against another player or 2 vs. 2, you'll be matched with other players online (server access included with Blacknut). On top of all that, you can play training games while you wait to be matched up.

But you can also do battle at home with your friends and family, all sat around the TV like in the good old days.

On thing is certain: there's loads of fun in store!

KungFu Kickball - Blowfish Studios - Much more than just another party game.

The gameplay is simple and fun, with just enough depth to keep you playing level after level.

KungFu Kickball is also easy and fun to watch as a spectator. Perfect for a night in with your friends or for streaming on Twitch.

KungFu Kickball
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Publisher: Blowfish Studios

Developer: WhaleFood Games

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