Koh-Lanta: The Adventurers, life’s a beach!

See how you stack up against other survivors in this adaptation of the French reality TV show, which follows the international Survivor format. Abandoned with your team on a desert island, you’ll need to take care of your everyday survival while forging alliances if you’re to make it to the final. On the agenda: 23 challenges – some more difficult than others – to separate the tourists from the real adventurers!

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Have you always dreamed of winning a bushtucker trial in front of Ant and Dec? Is the pole challenge a piece of cake for you? Well, you might be here to top up your tan on a Thai beach or to test your limits as an intrepid survivor, but one thing is sure: you love watching shows like I’m a Celebrity... and Survivor!

But if you’ve never been picked to take part in the show, you can still try your luck with this video game adaptation of the famous show. Just like in your wildest dreams, the game will see you don the bandanna of the red or yellow team, and between survival, alliances, and merciless challenges, you’ll need to make sure your character’s health holds up while also securing a place in the final. To get there, there’s no better way than cosying up to the other survivors and avoiding the resorts (unless you cheat with take-aways), or you might get sent home by the Tribal Council. And there’s no point complaining to the producers, because everyone knows that the Council’s decision is final!

Microïds Magic Pockets Koh-Lanta: The Adventurers

Developed by Magic Pockets, Koh-Lanta - Les Aventuriers is a 3D party game that teleports you right into the famous TV reality show. Suitable for the whole family and great for multiplayer, it’s best enjoyed if you’ve seen a few episodes of the real show, otherwise you might feel a bit lost. But rest easy, because getting to grips with the game is far less arduous than keeping down a giant larva! The game is suitable for the whole family, even without any survival skills, and contains all the challenges you will have seen on TV, as well as a raft of mini-games.

Microïds Magic Pockets Koh-Lanta: The Adventurers

There’s 23 in total and something for every taste. There’s the Obstacle Course, Fast Fire, Drop a Log, and of course, the Pole! Between the exhausting challenges, you’ll need to keep an eye on your teammates and forge lasting alliances by getting to know them one by one and formulating your strategy. Just be sure to keep an eye on your fatigue as well. It’s directly affected by your hunger, thirst, and activity in camp. There are also chores to do for the tribe, like gathering wood and food, and more besides. Just make sure you don’t enjoy too many siestas, or your enemies will make their move!

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