Horror Story: Hallowseed

A game for the brave.

On a camping trip in the woods, your friends disappear. If that sounds like the start of a horror movie, it’s because this is a genuinely terrifying game. Bleak surroundings, jump scares, exploration to collect items, and clues found in a gloomy mansion. It’s got it all! And it works! Expect to be jumping out of your skin. Hallowseed is a dark, damned place, stalked by a mysterious demonic terror!

Horror Story: Hallowseed

Horror Story: Hallowseed

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    Jeff Winner

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    Fulqrum Publishing

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    © 2021 Fulqrum Publishing Ltd. Developed by Jeff Winner. All rights reserved.

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Developed by Jeff Winner, a fan of horror in all its forms, Horror Story: Hallowseed is a tense single-player psychological horror game, inspired by classics of the genre like The Exorcism of Emily Rose and the Conjuring franchise.

The game is set in a fictional, cursed location, with a pervasive demonic atmosphere!

If you're easily scared, give this one a miss!

Fulqrum Publishing Jeff Winner Horror Story: Hallowseed

The introduction, in audio only without images, explains the setting for the plot. Your character and their friends are on a camping trip when, sitting comfortably around the fire, they come under attack. But what has attacked them?

You wake up all alone in an abandoned mine, with no weapons or anything to defend yourself with, your only possession your mobile phone. Your first task is to find a way out of the mine and find your friends, who you'll track down to a country house hidden deep within a forest.

Once you've made your way inside the house, the sound effects will have your heart racing and hair standing on end, no matter how hard you try to stay calm. And with mysteries and paranormal activity, a satanic cult and a ouija board, there won't be time to catch your breath!

The sound effects are directional, increasing or decreasing in volume as you approach the cause. This is a feature that brings an oppressive sense of immersion to a game that's also great to look at.

Fulqrum Publishing Jeff Winner Horror Story: Hallowseed

In the end, Hallowseed turns out to be an absolutely terrifying puzzler. If you find yourself stuck because all of the doors are locked and you've already explored every accessible area, it means that there's something, somewhere, that you've overlooked.

We loved the way the game saves your progress: to save, you'll need to play a piano... when you can find one.

We recommend playing with headphones for the full experience.

Fulqrum Publishing Jeff Winner Horror Story: Hallowseed

The gameplay is mostly based on exploration, with the odd puzzle here and there. The developer has taken pains to ensure that the experience varies with the way each player approaches the game. Some of the jump scares and paranormal events are triggered by the player's own exploration. This means it's a game you can play again and have a different experience.

Horror Story: Hallowseed is probably one of the scariest games since Resident Evil: Village. Do you dare stray into the darkness and make a pact with a demon?

Horror Story: Hallowseed

Horror Story: Hallowseed

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