GoNNER: a quality rogue-like!

Blacknut LeMag - 22 Feb 21
Hero : ©Raw Fury

Is life just a series of beginnings? When you start playing GoNNER, you’ll soon come to realise that death is, too! Except that here, you’re risking life and limb for your best friend.

Behind the façade of a cutesy 2D platform game like Super Mario, GoNNER is a game where not all is as it seems.

This frenetic rogue-like will be a challenge for even the most seasoned gamers out there. Because here, death is the order of the day. Not only is it inevitable, but it will help you to reach your goal: to carve a path towards the sea for your friend Sally, a landlocked whale with an irresistible smile, who has never seen the big blue sea.

©Raw Fury

ou, the player, will be catapulted into the squishy little body of Ikk who is, at first glance, fragile, but who becomes a violet killing machine over the course of your many forays through this foreboding limbo.

And to that end, you’ll have to get as far as you can with the means at your disposal. If you mess things up, going back to the start line can promise a brighter future. How do you get there? Easy! You just die! You’ll then be gently accompanied back to the start of the game, where the Grim Reaper will have kept hold of all the valuable items collected during your previous run. Now you just need to start all over again!

©Raw Fury

Developed by Art in Heart, GoNNER is more for adults and teenagers than it is younger players. Despite its refined, clean aesthetic, it’s all about that violence if you are to get ahead. To do so, you have a devastating arsenal at your disposal (laser, bazooka... and the rest.), as well as active and passive abilities accessed through the little skulls and other secret items you’ll find dotted around the place.

Make sure that you don’t leave any stone unturned, as you’ll definitely be needing these items to make it through the four worlds and defeat the bosses at the end of every level! We have to give a special mention to GoNNER’s soundtrack, flavoured with otherworldly sounds and melodies, that will help you stay focused through to the end. We recommend playing with an audio headset or headphones. But not too loud, remember!


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