Going Under

Welcome to the exciting world of start-ups!

An amazing game! Don’t be fooled by the game’s colourful graphics: Going Under features fast-paced and frenetic gameplay that sees you smiting your enemies with anything you can get your hands on, all set in the unforgiving world of a tech start-up. It’s a very unique and sarcastic game for a rogue-lite. And great news for newbies: you can adjust the difficulty. A little gem.

Going Under

Going Under

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    Aggro Crab

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    Team17 Digital Ltd

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    Going Under is developed by Aggro Crab Games. Published by Team17 Digital Ltd. All trademarks, copyrights and logos are property of their respective owners.

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Don't be put off by the flashy, childlike aesthetic. Going Under is a razor-sharp rogue-lite that satirises modern work and the world of Silicon Valley tech start-ups.

You play as an unpaid marketing intern, hired to work in a start-up incubator where she'll be doing battle in the ruins of start-ups that never got going. And it's all set in a cute psychedelic world.

Team17 Digital Ltd Aggro Crab Going Under

We loved the game's sarcastic attitude, which serves up a cutting satire of modern society with plenty of laughs along the way. It works strangely well. The psychedelic atmosphere pokes fun at the start-up world, and the game's dialogue will elicit many a rueful laugh. Each of the characters represents a stereotype of office life: the rich kid boss, the ditzy secretary, the hipster... they're all there to add to the game's unique vibe, one not often seen in video games!

Imagine the scene: the old employees of once flourishing start-ups are now transformed into zombies that aimlessly wander the office space, stopping only to fight anyone that dares come to bother them. This is where you come in, and it just goes to show that marketing will get you anywhere!

Team17 Digital Ltd Aggro Crab Going Under

As this is a rogue-lite, the dungeons are procedurally generated and packed with traps, weapons, and boss fights. The dungeons are also brimming with gags and hidden references.

Our favourite part? The fast-paced and frenetic gameplay that sees you smiting your enemies with anything you can get your hands on. Across the game's several worlds (or dungeons), anything can be used as a weapon. You can expect the usual swords and explosives, of course, but you can also wield elastic bands, computers, fire extinguishers, aubergines, and even reams of paper. So, whether you prefer to get up close and personal or pick your enemies off from a distance, you'll always be able to find the right weapon for the job. You can carry three weapons at once and switch between them, which makes the combat extremely fluid.

Team17 Digital Ltd Aggro Crab Going Under

We liked the game's hidden gameplay mechanics: you can interact with just about everything. If, for example, you come under attack from a golf cart, you can climb aboard and take over the controls. These mechanics produce plenty of fun breaks in the carnage.

The game's levels (or dungeons) are also based on the world of start-ups. One of them, based on a crypto start-up, revolves around mining weaponry and ways to collect digital currency, while another is set in the offices of a dating app, with an extensive arsenal of emoji-based weapons, and the ability to swipe right or left to choose your enemies. It's funny and clearly well thought out.

But be warned: you're in for a tough time, and we recommend opting for Easy mode for your first playthrough.

Team17 Digital Ltd Aggro Crab Going Under

Thankfully, there are some mentors around to help you!

Our tip: the mentors are the people supervising your internship, and you won't be able to win without their help. So make sure you complete as many mentor missions as possible, because each one will help you on your way.

For example, Ray (the CEO of Fizzle) will let you spend like there's no tomorrow. Fern, the co-founder, gives you a free healing item right at the start of the game. Swomp, the office barista, can steal items for you, unlock free companions, and even open up Swomp's Chill Zone on the second floor of each dungeon.

What we have here is a fantastic game with devastating aesthetic that poses a real challenge, but one that serves up some Hack 'n' Slash fun while mocking modern society.

As topical as they come, and a tonic for the workplace blues!

Going Under

Going Under

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