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Influential pink aliens!

From Space

From Space

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Humanity tries to resist an alien invasion of squishy pink aliens in this twin-stick shooter the whole family can play, where you'll be saving Earth with a pretty impressive arsenal of weaponry. There's something for everyone in the long list of characters with unique weapons and abilities.

In 1986, giant crystals crashed down to Earth, soon followed by hordes of bubble-gum pink aliens with dazzling goofy teeth.

It's down to you and your team of six squad members to send this alien scum back where it came from. The whole aesthetic is very cute, here, with cartoonish graphics, so there's nothing that will scare the littler gamers out there.

From Space - Curve Games - Influential pink aliens!

The game begins with the character select screen. There are two defender classes, two attacker classes, and two support classes to choose from. They each come with their own advantages and arsenal of weaponry, and which one you pick is up to you. The Blacknut favourite was the pyromaniac!

Next, it's time for the tutorial, which is pretty straightforward because the game is easy to pick up and play. Make sure you talk to the NPC at the start of the tutorial so that nothing is left a mystery. After you complete each sector, he's the guy who will take you to the new one.

So, now it's time for the real missions to begin. They are nicely varied and can get quite tough, but there are some shortcuts if you keep your eyes peeled. You'll be collecting a whole variety of weapons and items as you make your way through streets and buildings that are crawling with aliens asking to be exterminated.

From Space - Curve Games - Influential pink aliens!

You start the game with very limited space in your inventory, but never fear: you'll unlock more space as you level up.

The From Space universe is filled with danger and loot to discover. The aim is to explore every nook and cranny so that you can keep well stocked up on ammo, find new weapons, and encounter new traps.

Here's a little tip just for you: achieving your objectives will not only let you progress through the story, it will also let you reduce the aliens' overall "influence". That's something very important to keep in mind. The more influence the aliens lose, the easier they are to kill.

From Space - Curve Games - Influential pink aliens!

Our advice? You can only save when passing through "safe" zones, and these can sometimes be few and far between!

Spoiler alert! You'll unlock a special weapon in level 6 that will change your life, but we won't say any more here and let you experience the surprise for yourself.

From Space - Curve Games - Influential pink aliens!

We liked the ability to change character class when you come across one of the safe zones dotted throughout the game. You get to keep all of your experience, which means that you don't need to start again from scratch if you realise that a different class would be more effective. Just remember that when you save, all of your stats are saved, too (health, weapons, ammo, etc.), but the same is not true of any NPCs with you on an escort mission. This might cause you some trouble!

Here we have a really fun game that everyone loves, a big pink jaw breaker that anyone can chew. Pure fun!

From Space
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Publisher: Curve Games

Developer: Triangle Studios

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