Fort Triumph

Fort Triumph

A great intro to tactical RPGs!

Fort Triumph

Fort Triumph

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An RPG to play right away. A successful blend of X-Com's combat and Might and Magic's exploration! Humour, strategy, management, and plenty of inspiration from The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk. When it comes to the turn-based combat, the game's originality lies in the ability to use and alter parts of the game environment to take out your enemies. A great game!

This is a game that makes no secret of its inspiration; it's officially based on X-Com and Might and Magic, two benchmark titles of the genre (X-Com for the combat and Might and Magic for the world map and exploration).

And it’s a worthy tribute!

Fort Triumph - All in! Games - A great intro to tactical RPGs!

While it's true that the game only takes around 20 hours to complete (making it a short experience for fans of turn-based tactical RPGs), it's set in a universe that's genuinely beautiful and filled with humour. And it has to be said that a dash of humour and irony is all too rare in games of this genre!

Fort Triumph - All in! Games - A great intro to tactical RPGs!

Your home base is the titular Fort Triumph, and it’s from there that your party will set off to explore the map, expand their territory, plunder riches, and engage in turn-based combat. Indeed, the real core of the game lies in its tactical battles. If you lose, the map the battle was fought on will change.

Immediately accessible, the turn-based tactics in Fort Triumph are a somewhat simplified version of those found in other, more sophisticated, games.

Fort Triumph - All in! Games - A great intro to tactical RPGs!

The thing we really loved was how players can interact with the environment. If you decide to start off with the tutorial, you'll soon learn that the environment plays a massive role in this tactical game. During the combat phases, your heroes can not only take cover behind obstacles, they can also interact with things around them.

Each hero comes with an ability that lets them move objects: the warrior has a powerful kick, the mage harnesses the power of the wind, and the archer has a grappling hook. These abilities can be used, for example, to send one enemy flying into another, fell a tree so that it falls and crushes multiple enemies, or even cause an enemy to fall on a weapon.

Fort Triumph - All in! Games - A great intro to tactical RPGs!

Our advice? Try to use these environmental abilities to stun an enemy, and then go in for the kill with a teammate. This will help you progress through the game much more quickly.

The other great concept in Fort Triumph is the headquarters, a fortress where you can construct buildings to earn upgrades.

As an added extra, the game comes with a local co-op mode with fun skirmish battles.

With adjustable difficulty and polished game environments, Fort Triumph is an excellent introduction to the genre for younger players, as well as more seasoned fans who fancy a more relaxed tactical experience with a dash of humour.

Fort Triumph
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Publisher: All in! Games

Developer: CookieByte Entertainment

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