Dwarf Journey

Dwarf Journey

In the land of dwarven blacksmiths...

Dwarf Journey

Dwarf Journey

Orube Game Studio

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This game is a platformer/rogue-lite gem. You play as a dwarven warrior king who must prove his courage across four consecutive levels, each culminating in a boss fight. Dwarf Journey is a real diamond of a game and a sure-fire hit for gamers who don’t mind starting over again and again, because the bosses get easier as you get stronger.

The storyline in Dwarf Journey centres on an old dwarven warrior named Gallar who, after living a very full life, finds himself suddenly drawn to a mysterious place known as the Valley of Eternity. Within the valley is hidden an artefact of terrifying power. The ancients wrote of a mystical cave containing a lost relic that would grant eternal life to the brave soul who could find it, and Gallar must possess it at all costs. And so, armed with his axe and trusty pick, Gallar sets off into the northern mountains on an epic adventure that will either cost him his life, or see him live forever. An adventure that will take you 5 to 7 hours to complete, depending on your skill.

Dwarf Journey - Orube Game Studio - In the land of dwarven blacksmiths...

Our favourite part? The amazingly detailed 8-bit graphics that depict a world inspired by both Tolkien and Norse mythology, filled with enemies like goblins and dragons. It's an unpretentious game, but one put together with a lot of talent!

Dwarf Journey is a rogue-lite platform game with procedurally generated levels. This means there's no point in memorising the locations of platforms and enemies, as they are created at random every time. You'll need to make your way through four different dungeons, picking up the resources you need along the way to forge better equipment or upgrade your current kit. It'll come in handy when facing the game's four bosses.

Dwarf Journey - Orube Game Studio - In the land of dwarven blacksmiths...

Our advice? There are shelters in each level where you can store your ore, but you can only use them once. Don't use them too early!

We liked exploring the levels of Dwarf Journey and trying to find a kind of totem pole called "Blessing of the Gods", which gives the skill of your choice a boost. But tread carefully: you lose it as soon as you die!

Dwarf Journey - Orube Game Studio - In the land of dwarven blacksmiths...

With gameplay that's got just the right level of challenge, Dwarf Journey is the perfect introduction to the genre before you try your hand at more challenging titles.

Multiple endings await Gallar after his adventure through the depths, each with a great twist. We'll leave it to you to find them for yourself.

Dwarf Journey
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Publisher: Orube Game Studio

Developer: Orube Game Studio

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