DreamWorks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders

A wild ride!

Mount your dragon and set off on an adventure in this molten-hot action game adapted from the cult cartoon! On the trail of a tenacious adversary who wants to enslave the dragons, you’ll first need to learn the difficult trade of dragon taming by taming Patch. Who knows? This strange little chimaragon might even have a few surprises in store for you.

😢 We are sorry, this game is currently not available.

If you’re under the impression that a dragon is just an incandescent weapon of mass destruction whose sole purpose is to burn villages and terrify their inhabitants, you need to brush up on your mythology! Because in the DreamWorks universe of its animated movie series Dragons, these mythical creatures are generally friendly and affectionate. That makes this the perfect chance to tame one, and why not turn it into your new best friend! And that’s precisely the kind of adventure on offer in Dragons: Dawn of New Riders.

In it, you’ll play as a young Viking named Scribbler who has lost his memory, and is about to make the acquaintance of a "chimeragon" with some very special powers named Patch. Then, hand in claw, the two companions will be setting off in pursuit of a mysterious enemy who wants to turn dragons into slaves. Your job is to stop him in time and maybe even find out why your dragon seems to grow much faster than all the others…

A cross between Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Asterix & Obelix XXL: Romastered, Dragons: Dawn of New Riders is a 3D adventure game for young fans of the DreamWorks series, as well as any other gamer who enjoys action, exploration, and puzzling. Developed by Climax Studio, its straightforward gameplay expects you to know how to put your dragon’s powers to appropriate use (those being fire, ice, and lightning).

You can switch between the two characters whenever you like, depending on the puzzles, enemies, or obstacles that lie in your path.

Over the course of your adventure, you’ll also need to collect as many resources as you can, and find treasure chests to upgrade your equipment.

In this parallel tale that has almost nothing to do with the third film in the series, you’ll get to meet Hiccup and Toothless, but only as NPCs. As for Astrid, she’ll drop in throughout the game to sell you potions and other memories, while Gobber the Belch will sell you upgraded equipment and new weapons. Things are about to heat up!

😢 We are sorry, this game is currently not available.