Dread Templar

Dread Templar

An odyssey through Hell in a classic FPS

Dread Templar

Dread Templar

Fulqrum Publishing

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A must-play for fans of old school FPS like Doom, Dusk and Prodeus. You'll be using the upgrade system to optimise your character and your weaponry as you face a variety of inventive enemies with some fantastic weapons. Special abilities include the quick dash and the ability to slow time for a few seconds. An outrageously fun retro FPS!

Fans of old-school FPS who get misty-eyed whenever anyone mentions Quake, Shadow Warrior, or Doom, or even the more recent Dusk and Prodeus: you'll love diving into Dread Templar with its pixellated graphics, just how we like them even in 2023.

Dread Templar - Fulqrum Publishing - An odyssey through Hell in a classic FPS

The game transports you straight into the five mysterious kingdoms of Hell, a place where you can quench your thirst for vengeance by eradicating the demons that cross your path. While the plot might not be the game's strongpoint, it does make sense and carries you along on a quest as a nameless hero who became the formidable Dread Templar after losing someone they loved.

Our favourite part? The mysterious entity that guides the main character. It reminded us of the mentors you find in the classics of the genre, like Dr Samuel Hayden in Doom.

Dread Templar - Fulqrum Publishing - An odyssey through Hell in a classic FPS

Dread Templar is broken up into five chapters that each contain a range of environments, from sinister tombs to cursed villages, labyrinthine corridors and dark mines.

The gameplay in Dread Templar really shines. It's a solid experience with a wide range of weaponry to play with, from pistols to pump-action shotguns, and including bows, swords, and demonic weapons. The movement is beautifully fluid thanks to the dash and bullet-time mechanics which enable you to face even the most agile enemies.

We liked the variety of enemies that guarantees intense firefights, such as the flying enemies found in some areas that add a tactical dimension to combat and reminded us of some baddies in Shadow Warrior. But be warned: some bosses are really hard!

Dread Templar - Fulqrum Publishing - An odyssey through Hell in a classic FPS

Something to know before you play: more than just fast-paced combat, the game also encourages exploration with plenty of secrets to discover. There are caches filled with bonuses like munitions, armour, energy, and unlockable weapons.

Our tip to get the most out of your experience: pay attention to the vertical dimensions of the levels. The caches are often found above or below you.

The game also features some RPG touches: you can collect upgrade runes that let you customise your character and your weapons, significantly changing your playstyle.

Dread Templar - Fulqrum Publishing - An odyssey through Hell in a classic FPS

If, for example, you find a secret that gives you runes to boost the power of your bow, you can fire even more deadly arrows.

The game's soundtrack is a perfect match for the action, and the thundering guitar riffs that play while you're battling hordes of demons provide a welcome extra adrenaline rush.

This game brings the soul of '90s FPS back to life, and while it may not revolutionise the genre, it's a must-play for anyone feeling nostalgic, or anyone who wants to know what games were like "in the old days".

Dread Templar
  • Age18


  • Desktop


  • Solo


  • Keyboard


Publisher: Fulqrum Publishing

Developer: T19 Games

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