Demon's Crystals

Demon's Crystals

Twin stick destruction.

Demon's Crystals

Demon's Crystals

Badland Games

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A frenetic, dynamic twin-stick shooter where danger threatens from all sides, all the time! Help the Urican demons restore balance in their kingdom by wiping out Sarkon, Ghoros, and Ornak, and their army of zombies. Under attack from all sides, you’ll need to stay on the move if you’re to vanquish this horde of enemies using your multi-directional weapons and super-cannons!

Sometimes, staying at the top of the food chain takes a little bit of work.

Ever since the day that three mysterious beings arrived on their planet to turn everyone into zombies, the Urican have been fighting for survival. Without a second thought, you decide to embark on a crusade to end the rule of Sarkon, Ghoros, and Ornak! But first, you’ll need to collect as many crystals as possible if you’re to stand up to the three invaders. Along the way, you’ll encounter a swarm of enemies that get stronger as you progress, and that you’ll need to defeat through a show of force. And in Demon’s Crystals, danger often comes from every direction at once!

Demon's Crystals - Badland Games - Twin stick destruction.

Make sure you always stay on the move so that you don’t find yourself with your back to the wall as dozens of enemies storm towards you, armed to the teeth! Fortunately, you have at your disposal an entire arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, each more formidable than the next, as well as power-ups that enable you to change size, regain health, help out an ally, or save time!

Developed by Spanish studio Bytes4Games, Demon’s Crystals is a 3D “twin stick shooter”, a kind of game where you control your character’s aim and movement simultaneously, using a controller’s two joysticks. It’s very easy to just pick up and play. With something for veterans and beginners alike (you can change the colour of the blood to green), its manga graphics and dynamic gameplay make this a highly addictive game. Your first task will be to make it across three worlds each containing a dozen or so levels, in which you’ll have to complete a predetermined quest, like collecting a certain number of crystals or killing a certain number of enemies. Every now and then, you’ll cross paths with a bloodthirsty boss, and be forced to put your warrior skills to the test without fear and without putting a foot wrong. For the more intrepid gamers out there, there’s also a Survival mode. You’ll have to wipe out waves of enemies as they fall upon you, and stay alive for as long as possible! And that’s just the single-player survival mode.

Demon's Crystals - Badland Games - Twin stick destruction.

There’s also several multiplayer modes that should not be overlooked:

  • One mode tasks you with collecting as many crystals as possible
  • Another is a traditional Deathmatch mode
  • There’s a team Deathmatch mode
  • Then there’s the immensely enjoyable Kill the Enemies mode, with wily gnomes who will reset your score!
  • Last but not least, there’s Capture the Great Crystal, a successful take on Capture the Flag

Demon’s Crystals is a great way to have fun with your friends, with two or four players cooperating to defeat the many enemies who will cross your path, making use of all kinds of weapons and power-ups!

Demon's Crystals
  • Age7


  • SmartTvDesktopMobileTablet


  • Multi


  • KeyboardGamepadTouch


Publisher: Badland Games

Developer: StarCruiser Studio

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