Delicious - Emily's True Love, we’re off to Paris!

Discover the cause of Emily’s tumultuous life, and her very French heartthrob! Fans of time management games will love going along on her European travels in Spain and France, on the trail of her Parisian ex-boyfriend.

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There’s a game genre that boasts die-hard fans: time management games. Great to play on a smartphone or tablet, they are also just as easy to play with a mouse or even just a trackpad. The concept is always the same: you manage a restaurant, shop, or hairdressing salon where the customers are always in a hurry, and you have to keep them all happy.

In the Delicious - Emily series, you’re always managing a restaurant.

GameHouse GameHouse Delicious - Emily's True Love

At the start of Delicious - Emily's True Love, Emily’s restaurant has been open for a year when she receives a mysterious letter from her past. It’s from Jean Paul! Her French ex-boyfriend... That’s all it takes for Emily to set off in search of true love and embark on an epic journey across Europe. In this instalment in the series, you will manage four restaurants: two in the United States, one in Spain, and one in Paris, France. And just like in every game in the series, you’ll be following Emily on her adventures that are worthy of a soap opera.

Behind their cutesy appearance, these games can be a real challenge for younger players and casual gamers, where you learn through perseverance!

GameHouse GameHouse Delicious - Emily's True Love

So, here’s a few tips to make it through the tougher levels where you won’t have time to think between preparing meals, managing the cash register, cleaning tables, and taking orders.

First and foremost, watch out for mice and keep your ears open: you’ll hear them squeak before they appear.
Serve kids and young people before older customers, who have more patience.
When the restaurant closes, no more customers will be coming through the door so you can stop prepping for new orders.

Too difficult? You can change the difficulty settings at the start of the game to make it easier. There are three levels to choose from, between beginner, normal, and expert.

Dinner is served!

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