Delicious - Emily's New Beginning, juggle parenting and business as a mumtrepreneur

Blacknut LeMag - 09 Sep 21
Hero : ©GameHouse

A management game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, to give you a taste of life as a busy mum, all with a healthy dash of humour

All the girls (and yes, we know, it isn’t the guys’ “cup of tea”!) know about the Fabulous or Delicious management games. Emily's New Beginning is one such game, and it happens to be the best of the bunch.
The storyline will be familiar to every mother out there: after giving birth to a daughter, Emily decides to reopen her restaurant. But things don’t go as smoothly as planned with a baby that needs looking after in tow!

Your job is to help Emily strike a balance between work and mum-duties... no mean feat! When she closed her restaurant, her old customers started going to her competitors, and Emily can spare no expense if she is to win them back, all while looking after her baby – the adorable Paige – and her husband, Patrick. You’ll need to serve up quality cuisine and impeccable service to complete your mission.
Not to mention the bitchy comments from Brigid, your jealous, snobby friend who will drive you up the wall.


Like in other games in the series, your job is to manage timings and multitasking every day. Sometimes it seems almost like real life...You’ll need to take customer orders at the counter, and visit them at their tables to see what they want. Then, all that’s left to do is to prepare their meals while carefully following instructions. Watch out for memory lapses!


Get busy making burgers, donuts, and coffees, without making your customers wait too long, all while looking after your child. It’s funny and fast-paced all at once, with an unapologetic girly aesthetic. There’s no hang-ups in these gams that have been proving popular for years. If you enjoy it, you can also check out the other games in the series and stay up to date with Emily’s life. Hours of management fun lie in wait, in a real treat for kids and adults alike.

Delicious - Emily's New Beginning

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