Degrees Of Separation, running hot and cold

A story of impossible love in a fairytale setting: Must play with a friend, or even better your partner!

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Imagine a love story set in a world split in two, with Romeo in a world of ice, and Juliet in a world of fire... From the opening scenes, Degrees of Separation immerses you in its fairytale world.

What really stands out, though, is the dividing bar that physically splits these two very visually different worlds apart, and outlines the area in which each of the characters can play. The icy character can freeze water to create a platform, for example, and the warmer character can swim in that same water to find a shortcut.

Modus Games Moondrop Degrees of Separation

Kudos to the artistic direction. Always split in two, the different environments come with enchanting visuals. One moment you’ll be captivated by a natural scene bathed in the setting sun, the next you’ll be struck by the harshness of the silent, snowy landscapes. This game is a real gem that is always a sight for sore eyes.

Degrees of Separation can be played alone, but you’ll soon see that it was designed for two player co-op. We’d urge you to explore these enchanting landscapes with your partner. You’ll set off on an adventure where you will be tasked with solving puzzles to collect scarves that will let you open doors and continue on your adventure.

Modus Games Moondrop Degrees of Separation

The puzzles are straightforward and accessible to all, and the game features a soothing voice-over that recounts the story of the two protagonists. Perfect for spending an hour or two together on date night.

Will you be able to reunite Rime and Ember, the king and queen of the lands of ice and fire, as they travel through a cursed kingdom looking for the cause of the evil that befell it?

Up to you to find out...

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