Dead In Bermuda, on a deserted beach

Blacknut LeMag - 09 Sep 21
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Immerse yourself in this management sim that’s a blend of survival, psychology, exploration, and the paranormal! Lost on a strange desert island, you’ll need to help 8 plane-crash survivors stay alive as long as possible in a 2D world that’s packed with mysteries. Get to know every survivor and play as a team, otherwise you won’t survive!

Is misery really less miserable when it’s sunny? Ask the survivors in Dead in Bermuda! Stuck on a seemingly desert island when your plane crashes, you are tasked with looking after a group of 8 survivors, their vital functions, and their mental health. While some of their number may reveal themselves to be peerless survivalists, others will quickly lose the plot, telling you about strange characters and a mystical prophet... Are these nothing more than dehydration-induced delusions, or are they a ticket off the island?

It’s up to you to find out as you explore every corner of the island and assign tasks to the survivors, like collecting water, fishing, tending the fire, or crafting tools and equipment. You should also keep an eye on the dangers of the jungle, and find a way to escape this hell in paradise before hunger, depression, sickness, fatigue, or injuries claim you all one by one... Fans of Lost or I’m a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here! start off with an advantage.

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Developed by the French studio CCCP, Dead in Bermuda is a turn-based survival management game with RPG and adventure elements. Left to take care of yourself, you’ll have to survive day after day in this 2D cartoon game world. Filled with humour, psychology, and paranormal puzzles, Dead in Bermuda should have plenty to keep both fans of the genre and newcomers happy. After the tutorial and some time getting used to the interface, you’ll be immersed in a world as mysterious as it is pitiless, that you will be tasked with exploring via a system of dice rolls that will determine the fate of your group. You’ll also need to get to know each survivor as if they were a childhood friend, and forge a fit and healthy group. Each member of your group has their own personality and the skills (as well as flaws) that go with it.

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Try to get them to interact with each other to learn as much as you can, to prevent living together from becoming unbearable, or having them waste their time on tasks they aren’t suited for. One last tip: always keep an eye on the water and fire gauges, because you won’t last more than a few days without them!

Dead In Bermuda

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