Cyber Hook, an addictive speedrunner!

A parkour game with a breakneck pace for fans of double jumps and cyber-climbing! In Cyber Hook, your job is to get to a portal as quickly as possible, getting past the obstacles and enemies that stand in your path. The slightest slip, and it’s back to the start line.

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    Blazing Stick

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    Graffiti Games

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If life sometimes seems to be moving too fast and the word “speedrun” means nothing to you, then you’ll be in for a rude awakening when you enter the world of Cyber Hook! In this 3D parkour game with Die & Retry elements, it’s all about how fast you can get the job done. Armed with a grappling hook 2.0 that can grab on to any surface, you’ll move from block to block like with the grace to make Batman and Spiderman proud, with the only law you need to pay attention to being gravity itself.

Graffiti Games Blazing Stick Cyber Hook

Here, your playing field is a part of cyber-space made up of colourful cubes that are strongly reminiscent of Tron, with a loud and proud 1980s vibe. The aim is to make it to the end of the assault course in as little time as possible! You will use your cyber-hook to grab onto things, propel yourself forwards, and pick up enough speed to avoid the obstacles that stand in your way. You just have to find the best lines and collect the 3 blue crystals needed to achieve that perfect score.

Developed over three years by a team led by a professor from Paris’ Isart Digital video game school, Cyber Hook will prove popular with all fans of breakneck speed and high-speed thrills. With gameplay that’s simple but gets increasingly frenetic over the course of the game’s 84 levels, it will take many attempts – and just as many crushing failures – to master the game. Within this shamble of cybernetic cubes, you can count on some help from Dron, your little robot helper, to get you up and running as your adventure begins.

Graffiti Games Blazing Stick Cyber Hook

He’ll teach you how to make best use of your grapple, as well as introducing you to techniques like the double jump and slow-motion that will soon be coming in very handy. And if ever a green block blocks your path, you can always shoot it with your left hand and watch it disappear. Touch a red or purple block, though, and it’s back to the start line! Just be careful not to get confused between speed and haste...