Bohemian Killing: have your day in court

Blacknut LeMag - 08 Dec 20
Hero : ©Libredia Entertainment - The Moonwalls

Bad news: you are accused of murder. Good news: you’re representing yourself!

To play Bohemian Killing, you need to know a few things about the workings of the French courts in the late 19th century. Such as, that even if everybody knows you are guilty with cast-iron certainty, there’s always a “legal” way to get off the hook. This is exactly the case for Alfred Ethon, a mysterious inventor accused of the murder of Marie Capet, a young Parisian maid. The hitch? All of the evidence points at you, with the victim and the murder weapon being found in your hotel room. To leave the courtroom a free man, you’ll need to tread a fine line and use every legal trick at your disposal: plead insanity, drunkenness, self-defence, or even frame someone else!

©Libredia Entertainment - The Moonwalls

As you may have guessed, the playable parts of Bohemian Killing take part within Alfred’s courtroom testimony. Developed the The Moonwalls, an independent studio, this first person interactive story adventure game immerses you in an ultra-realistic world where every detail counts. Alfred’s slightest actions, like taking the stairs instead of the lift, have a direct effect on the facts and the judge’s verdict. Even your ethnic background can play a role. This means that you have a variety of ways to reach that innocent verdict, and only your imagination stands between you and the death penalty. So get your story straight!

Bohemian Killing is a great game for budding lawyers!

Bohemian Killing

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