Through my fault, through my most grievous fault!



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This is a masterpiece! But only for adults with nerves of steel! It's a 2D Metroidvania with Dark Souls elements. It's great to look at, very hard, and immerses you in a truly seedy and oppressive atmosphere with a religious backdrop. It's a sinister treat that will leave its scars on those brave enough to venture within. We loved it!

A real gem of an indie game. Developed by a small Spanish studio and infused with their Andalusian flavour, you're sure to love this pixel art game. It’s almost unrivalled in terms of quality, but it’s as macabre as they come. ** Crucified bodies, heaps of corpses rotting on spikes... your surroundings are always disturbing in this game.**

Blasphemous - Team17 Digital Ltd - Through my fault, through my most grievous fault!

You play as The Penitent One, armed with his sword, Mea Culpa (meaning "the fault is mine"). The sole survivor of a massacre, he pulled himself out of a mass grave in which each of the bodies was a carbon copy of his own image. This hero is stuck in an endless cycle of death and rebirth, tasked with lifting the great curse that has befallen his homeland of Cvstodia.

Our favourite part? The macabre, nightmarish atmosphere tinged with a corrupted take on Christianity. Blasphemous is set in a hellish world worthy of Goya himself, a gothic atmosphere where everyone that crosses your path seems to be a masochistic zealot seeking their own form of self-flagellation.

Blasphemous - Team17 Digital Ltd - Through my fault, through my most grievous fault!

As you cut swathes through your enemies, you'll earn experience points that you can use to purchase new skills, relics and rosary beads, or even to atone for your sins.

Blasphemous is a 2D hack ‘n’ slash game in which you explore a world that is divided into several different sections, each interconnected in true Metroidvania style. Thankfully, a mini-map is provided, with more terrain revealed as you progress through the game.

Then there's the Souls-like elements, which force you to anticipate the movements of the corrupted creatures you encounter.

We loved the hardcore platform sequences that really add an extra challenge. But rest assured, the game is never as punishing or frustrating as Dark Souls, because you can always retrieve your body at the location if its last death.

Blasphemous - Team17 Digital Ltd - Through my fault, through my most grievous fault!

We really liked the game's original soundtrack by Carlos Viola. Its melancholy compositions with Eastern accents serve to accentuate the sense that you are immersed in the end of the world, where all hope is lost.

Your journey through these dark, gothic worlds is one filled with hazards. Some of the souls you encounter will offer assistance, while others will request special items in return for letting you pass. And discovering these items may help you learn more about the tortured souls who sent you on this errand, or about how to use particular items.

Blasphemous really shines through its artistic direction, level design, and the variety of environments and enemies you'll meet. And the enemies never cross your path by chance: they are there to force you to think and advance carefully.

Blasphemous - Team17 Digital Ltd - Through my fault, through my most grievous fault!

Our tip: once you've completed the "three humiliations" and opened the great doorway to the game's final area, you might think that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Think again: you will now be attacked by a series of bosses and forced to make your way through some demanding platform sequences. Good luck!

The game is also brimming with secrets; so many that you'll be kept busy for dozens of hours if you're aiming for 100% completion.

Between the blasphemous world to explore, the deft combat and the precision platforming, Blasphemous is expertly crafted to weave a fascinating video-gaming experience. A masterpiece, but one for adults only!

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Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd

Developer: The Game Kitchen

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