Bite the Bullet, I eat, therefore I am!

Blacknut LeMag - 20 Oct 21
Hero : ©Graffiti Games

Free the Earth from evil mutants in this 2D rogue-lite, where every enemy you encounter also makes a great snack! Dive into this ultra-hostile world, where the only things you can count on are your explosive arsenal and a ferocious appetite. And as you gobble up your enemies, you’ll also become an even more formidable weapon!

“To bite the bullet” means to strive to accomplish a difficult or risky task. And there’s no title more apt for this fast-paced roguelike that’s a great way to blow off some steam, where gratuitous violence and irreverent humour reign undisputed. In this futuristic, pixelated 16-bit world, you play as Chewie (or Chewella), a soldier armed to the teeth who Darwin Corp. has assigned the mission of retrieving genetic material from the mutants that now inhabit the Earth.

©Graffiti Games

And how, precisely, are you supposed to do that? Well, by eating them all raw, of course! It’s a strategy that’s as barbarous as it is environmentally responsible, and one that will enable you to level up until your character evolves into a kind of enraged, blue Hulk with extraordinary powers: Zombro! But before letting loose your ultimate rage, you’ll first need to work your way through all of the stages on the way to morbid obesity. Because by devouring everything you mow down in a hail of bullets, you’ll become a super-fat-soldier with a need for calories. There’s only one solution: to tuck right in!

©Graffiti Games

Like a cross between Metal Slug and your favourite fast food joint, Bite the Bullet is a 2D “Run and Gun” rogue-lite with a delicious retro vibe, cooked up by Mega Cat Studios. Packed with pop-culture references and featuring an aggressive (and customisable) soundtrack, it’s maybe not the best choice for kids to get their hands on, despite the super-straightforward gameplay. Who it is good for, though, is anyone who’s totally stressed out and needs to blow off some steam! With a unique mechanic for levelling up your character, Bite the Bullet also has RPG-like features for an even more immersive experience. This means that you can power up the skills and equipment of your choice, and evolve in line with what you eat. An ode to cannibalism that is nevertheless no excuse to skip on your five-a-day!

Bite the Bullet

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