AVICII Invector: music in the blood

Blacknut LeMag - 01 Jun 21
Hero : ©Wired Productions

Something to keep fans of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) busy while they wait for festival season to return! Get stuck in to this game with a wild beat where every note counts!

You know rhythm games, right? If you’ve ever strummed the plastic six-string on Guitar Hero, you already know what they’re all about. There’s just one snag: in AVICII Invector, your favourite musical instrument has been replaced by a supersonic spaceship, and your job is to manoeuvre it through the notes of a world that is as musical as it is visual.

Easier said than done, since your journey’s pace will be dictated by the rhythm of the energetic and eclectic tracks produced by the Swedish DJ, Avicii, who passed away in April 2008 after spending years battling depression. A percentage of sales from the game was donated to the Tim Bergling Foundation, which works to raise awareness of mental health. Developed by Hello There, AVICII Invector pays tribute to one of the most idolized EDM producers of the past decade.

©Wired Productions

As it explores the biggest hits in the musical universe of Avicii, AVICII Invector thrusts you into a breathless race where your sense of timing will be your biggest asset. From portal to portal, you need to press the right button at the right time to avoid hitting a wrong note. The aim is to complete at least 75% of a song to unlock the next level, and to set a high score that nobody will ever beat.

©Wired Productions

Of course, long-standing fans of the Scandinavian DJ have got a big head start, and ace spaceship pilots should also be able to make it through this compilation of 25 intergalactic hits, including Wake Me Up, Levels and Hey Brother. With its super-straightforward gameplay and futuristic neon graphics, AVICII Invector will soon have fans of pure speed glued to their screens as they follow in the footsteps of a true beatmaker.

Festival-goers who are missing the main stage now have something to keep them busy while they wait for their next open-air gig!

AVICII Invector

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