AO Tennis 2, living your best life on centre court

Blacknut LeMag - 01 Jun 21
Hero : ©Nacon

Stopped dreaming of entering professional tournaments long ago? The ATP tour seems out of reach? Try your hand at this tennis sim that’s as tactical as it is technical, and you might just surprise yourself!

Tennis is all about accuracy. Whether you’re an ace at the drop shot or always find yourself launching balls way past the fence, any self-respecting tennis sim will let you play your own way. And AO Tennis 2 is no exception, inviting you to experience an immersive simulation that will turn you into the ultimate tennis player!

For proof, look only to the gameplay that’s all about timing, and the extremely detailed Career mode with its variety of pre- and post-match animations. You can also fine-tune your game down to the smallest technical details, as well as managing every aspect of your life as a tennis pro: schedule, communications, injuries, training, and even sponsors!


Just be careful not to wreck your popularity rating by losing it in a press conference, or you’ll become a courtside pariah, booed off every court around the world! Fortunately, you’ll be able to perfect your serves and the topspin on your forehand, as well as your reputation as a gent, through 100% customisable tournaments where you get to choose the length of each round.

It’s the perfect warm-up before you take on the Australian Open!

For this, the second AO Tennis game, Big Ant Studios wanted to deliver a focus on realism. Easy for beginners to pick up after a few training games, AO Tennis 2 will soon have you facing off against the best rackets in the ATP rankings when you join the Grand Slam category.


It’s up to you to decide your play-style and personality, which are honed by your results and your reactions during a match. This means that you can create an unbeatable player with Federer’s finesse, Nadal’s power, Nastase’s creativity, and McEnroe’s temper!

For the more creative players out there, Academy mode lets you create a player in your own image (or that of your favourite pro), as well as designing logos, stadiums, and even entire sports complexes.

A great way to see how you’d do at the 2021 Roland Garros!

AO Tennis 2

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