Adventures of Chris, Not all heroes wear capes

Blacknut LeMag - 20 Oct 21
Hero : ©Graffiti Games

Help a kid called Chris discover his superpowers in this platform game that’s not like all the rest! Kidnapped by cartoon baddies who granted him devastating powers without really meaning to, this unconfident kid is on a journey to become a self-assured hero who can save the world!

He’s everything an ordinary kid should be. He doesn’t wear a cape – or tights – but he’s every inch the superhero: meet Chris! Even better, this somewhat quirky bespectacled blonde kid will teach you that just because you’re shy, asthmatic, and carrying a few extra pounds, it doesn’t mean you can’t save the world. His secret? In 1995 he was kidnapped by cartoon baddies who accidentally bestowed him with superpowers while trying to turn him into a balloon. A big mistake!

Ever since that moment, Chris has been able to take revenge on everyone who bullied him, starting with the samurai cats, cyborg penguins, and whiny vampires! In this adventure largely inspired by 90s cartoons with its “manga” styling, your main job is to earn experience for Chris and help him achieve his destiny: to morph from an overweight teen with low self-esteem into a fearless superhero beyond any reproach!

©Graffiti Games

Developed by Guin Entertainment, The Adventures of Chris is a 2D platformer that’s packed with colours and humour. A single-player game, it’s designed for beginner gamers, as well as old hands who are feeling nostalgic for the 90s. The playability is super straightforward, and you determine the difficulty curve yourself by exploring the levels as you see fit. Just remember to collect as many cookies as you can as you make your way through them!

©Graffiti Games

In some levels, you’ll also meet some friendly faces, in the form of magical balloons. Thanks to them, you can learn new techniques and unlock devastating weapons, like the super-sword, the “airbag fist”, fireballs, ice breath, and many more. And Chris can also turn into a balloon and take flight, enabling him to explore nine different countries around the world. With a bit of luck and more than a pinch of curiosity, you might just find the mythical Land of Lost Balloons!

Adventures of Chris

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