A Normal Lost Phone, behind closed screens

Search the content of someone’s lost smartphone to learn about the life (and the secret) of its owner, a young man who’s just turned 18. Expect to be torn between the surprising thrill of voyeurism and the desire to solve this mystery that touches on some heavy themes. You’ll almost start to think that the person whose life you are discovering is more than just a video game character!

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Everyone’s lost their phone at least once. Some of us more than others! But in the age of expensive smartphones, seeing your phone returned by a friendly stranger is almost unthinkable! A Normal Lost Phone, then, is here to help restore your faith in humanity as you return the unlocked phone you just found lost in the street to its rightful owner!

The concept is a simple one, but if you’re to find out who the owner is, you’re going to have to dig a bit deeper than the home screen... Between texts, photos, playlists, and dating apps, you’ll be party to his whole private life, secrets and all.

Playdius Accidental Queens A Normal Lost Phone

As long as you can find the right passwords! But as you read his most recent messages, you’ll soon come to realise that “Sam”, who has barely just turned 18, hasn’t been seen since his birthday...

So now you’re faced with an existential question: just how nosy are you willing to be to complete your own investigation and find out where he has disappeared to?

A Normal Lost Phone is a narrative investigation game from French studio Accidental Queens. It’s played as if browsing a smartphone interface, so it’s accessible to inquisitive kids as well as serial text addicts. But be warned: the single-player story is mysterious and well crafted, and will have you on the edge of your seat for hours on end.

Playdius Accidental Queens A Normal Lost Phone

And it’s all accompanied by a polished and extremely immersive soundtrack! We also recommend playing with headphones on and turned up to a decent volume for total immersion in this strange mystery. Of course, the more you browse through his personal life, the more you’ll learn about Sam and his teenager problems. The game also touches on some pretty heavy themes linked to adolescence, like bullying, the search for identity, love, and even depression.

Your job is to put yourself in Sam’s shoes to discover what happened to him and why he’s not answering any of his friends. With no clues or signposts, you’ll need to rack your brains to uncover the first clues and a few closely guarded passwords. All in a day’s work for a teenager, though, right? Just remember that in this kind of mystery, every detail counts!

It’s a moving story that will stick in your mind long after you’ve finished the game. And it’s a genuinely inclusive experience that’s also fun and educational. Get stuck in!

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