7 Years From Now

7 Years From Now

Remember when…

7 Years From Now

7 Years From Now

PQube Limited

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A polished visual novel (with Minecraft graphics) to play on your smartphone. Loved by everyone who’s played it! You’ll play as a young man who’s lost his memory following an accident, and is now on a quest to find it. Expect to get shaken up by its incredible story with loads of mind-blowing twists. We challenge you to play it without filling up!

He had barely turned 7, and Haruto Soraki’s life was turned upside down. When he was involved in a serious accident, the high school pupil lost his memory.

His personality, his adopted family, and his friends are all now blanks in his mind. The only thing that he remembers is that he made a promise to a very special person. Was it a young girl? He even dreams about it every night…

7 Years From Now - PQube Limited - Remember when…

And this is where you come in! You’re going to help poor Haruto to collect his snippets of memory, first by exploring his home town. If you look carefully, you might come across an old friend who seems to remember you, as well as clues about your accident and some secrets that are far too much for a young boy to bear…

What if your amnesia wasn’t an accident after all? What if someone wanted to keep you quiet at any cost? To put the pieces of this mysterious puzzle together, you’ll need to keep pushing further with your investigation. To be precise: 7 years back into the past! That’s where you’ll find the answers to your questions, and much more besides!

7 Years From Now - PQube Limited - Remember when…

7 Years From Now is a single-player narrative adventure game from the independent Japanese developer Mafumi Yoshida. Similar to an RPG, but without the battles, its rich story with its many twists will go down well with bookworms and fans of magical realism. Served up in 40 short and engrossing chapters, this isometric 3D game invites you to conduct a complex investigation in a pixel art world.

This means that you’ll need to wander from quest to quest in a world filled with people who are as cuboid as they are cute.

Of course, your old friends might be able to help you piece the crumbs of your memory back together more quickly!

7 Years From Now - PQube Limited - Remember when…

And yet, your home town also conceals much darker secrets, and enemies where you would never suspect them! If you talk to every character you meet, it should gradually shine light onto the darker patches in your memory. It’s up to you to collect all kinds of important and not-so-important information, always remembering that it’s all news to Haruto!

Guide him towards the truth without missing the most important appointment of his life!

7 Years From Now
  • Age3


  • DesktopSmartTvMobileTablet


  • Solo


  • GamepadKeyboardTouch


Publisher: PQube Limited

Developer: room 6

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