World for Two

World for Two

Back from the brink!

World for Two

World for Two

PQube Limited

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A side-scrolling adventure game with 2D pixel art graphics. You play as the Professor, the only survivor on a planet where only the plant life remains. His aim is to recreate animal life using traces of DNA that his android brings back from the outside world. There are two great treats at the end, but we’ll let you discover them for yourself.

The storyline in World for Two tells the tale of a planet where all forms of life have been wiped out.

Or just about! Safe and warm in his perfectly designed underground lab, the "Professor" is doing his best to recreate the wildlife that populated the planet before the apocalypse. How? By dabbling in genetic engineering, of course! But first, he’ll need to build an android that loves nature and can get the job done.

World for Two - PQube Limited - Back from the brink!

A smart robot, designed with a very specific aim in mind: to harvest the remnants of DNA belonging to all the animals that once inhabited the world! You’ll also need to collect as much energy as you can in order to play God and conduct your little "scientific" experiments. But don’t think that you’ll be able to clone whatever you want, however you want to do it! So stop dreaming up far-fetched species and focus on more primitive ones, like the coelacanth, before trying your hand at more highly evolved organisms!

By testing different combinations of DNA and synthetic genes, you might just be able to recreate the food chain as it existed before: from whales to ants, and including sharks and all of nature’s other weird and wonderful creations!

World for Two - PQube Limited - Back from the brink!

World For Two is a horizontal scrolling 2D adventure game developed by Seventh Rank. It’s a single-player game in the form of a giant genetic puzzle with beautiful pixel art graphics. The attention to detail in the backgrounds will deliver a nostalgia hit to those who remember the SNES and other 16-bit consoles and games like Secret of Mana and the first Final Fantasy games.

The same is true of the game’s soundtrack that switches between a soothing piano and darker, more haunting electronic tracks.

World for Two - PQube Limited - Back from the brink!

A real work of art! As for the gameplay, it couldn’t be easier. Here, you can only move from left to right, and right to left. And because your aim is to collect DNA samples from ghostly animals, you’ll need to get hunting without delay! To give you a helping hand, interaction indicators appear whenever you move past an interesting item or part of the scenery.

Then it’s time for a bit of genetic engineering: green DNA pairs with yellow, and blue with red! These four colour-coded "biomes" can be found throughout the game's four different ecosystems: Bog, Forest, Dunes, and Ruins. And while "life always finds a way" – if we are to believe Professor Malcom in Jurassic Park – this time it’s in dire need of a helping hand!

World for Two
  • Age3


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Publisher: PQube Limited

Developer: Seventh rank

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