We Are Screwed!

We Are Screwed!

The Party Game you can't put down

We Are Screwed!

We Are Screwed!


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A fantastic split-screen party game. One side shows the inside of a crazy spaceship where everything is going wrong; the other infinite space where nothing is going right either. As the title says, "we are screwed", and it's true that it is often hard to see how you'll survive. Procedurally generated levels mean every game is unique! Hilarious for ages 10+ and great to play with friends.

Inspired by iconic Party games like Overcooked, We Are Screwed! serves up a totally new kind of co-op experience. With its cute comic-book graphics, the game captures the very essence of multiplayer fun, but places it in a totally different setting: Outer Space and one of those Multiverses that Marvel loves so much!

We Are Screwed! - Rarebyte - The Party Game you can't put down

There are two areas to manage together: inside and outside a spaceship that's falling apart. The captain pilots the ship; the soldier uses the weapons to see off enemies; the fireman puts out fires as soon as they appear... It's really adductive, and the way you have to manage two areas of the screen is really unique. It brings an extra dynamic to the game that breaks the routine of chores and other drudgery.

We liked the split screen gameplay that adds a social dimension to the chaos, meaning that every member of the team always has something to do. Everything has to be managed all at once: fighting enemies, putting out fires, and managing space walks. The space missions are as frenetic as the crazy kitchens.

We Are Screwed! - Rarebyte - The Party Game you can't put down

Our favourite part? One of the main strengths of We Are Screwed! lies in its procedurally generated multiverse. This is a rogue-lite where every run is a new adventure, with different planets, enemies, and challenges every time. It's an approach that provides infinite replayability and plenty of surprises, something totally new to this kind of co-op game!

A little tip to help you on your way: when playing with friends, take turns at trying out the different roles. Each character has their own vital role, from the captain to the soldier, and the fireman, too.
But even in single-player, the game is still a worthy challenge. The automatic conning tower takes care of navigation, but with no extra hands the game demands supreme coordination skills to fly and shoot at the same time. It's less fun and far more demanding than in co-op mode.

We Are Screwed! - Rarebyte - The Party Game you can't put down

We Are Screwed! has earned its place in the pantheon of the great co-op party games, with more than a nod to Overcooked. But it doesn't just follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, it serves up a whole new experience, every single game.

Perfect for evenings with family or friends, this hilarious party game is suitable for gamers aged 10+, and serves up a unique blend of cooperation, strategy, and humour, all set in a dynamic comic-book world. Such a cool game!

We Are Screwed!
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Publisher: Rarebyte

Developer: Rarebyte

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