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What could be more tender than a marshmallow, that big fluffy, squishy, and oh-so-comforting sweet? Now imagine a world where these balls of sugary softness are armed to the teeth, and where they engage in frequent battles in Smash Bros-style levels. A great game for a quick blast of multiplayer fun, doing battle with your friends. A great stress buster!

"Something I loved from my childhood. Something that could never ever possibly destroy us..." These were the words of Dr Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters. Of course, he was talking about marshmallows: something soft and sweet from our childhoods.

Warshmallows - Bonus Stage Publishing - Martial mallows!

Well, in Warshmallows, the marshmallows in question have more in common with the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man when it comes to destructive behaviour! Four players face off in teams of two or every marshmallow for themselves, doing battle across different levels with a variety of weapons.

It's a great game for an evening's fun with friends or with the kids, because while these marshmallows may be at war, there aren't any direct references to death or violence.

Warshmallows - Bonus Stage Publishing - Martial mallows!

We loved the non-violence: you shoot jelly at each other and if you get hit, you don't die: you just get trapped in a floating bubble. But even if you do get hit and find yourself in a bubble, you can still keep playing and roll around trying to get your revenge!

Our favourite part? The way that all of the weapons have very limited ammo. It forces you to think tactically before launching an attack. You can swap weapons during a battle inside the arena thanks to the little loot boxes that contain sniper rifles or shotguns, but think carefully before you choose because the more powerful a weapon, the less ammo it will have.

Warshmallows - Bonus Stage Publishing - Martial mallows!

Our advice? You can also win by just watching everyone fight and then taking out the last opponent. Survival is all that counts, here.

The game comes with three modes: Free for All, with every marshmallow for themselves. 2 vs 2, for team battles, and Couch vs Couch, which lets you play local and online at the same time.

You can even play Warshmallows all by yourself in the Couch Party mode, for local battles only. A great way to train before you enter the arena.

Warshmallows - Bonus Stage Publishing - Martial mallows!

But don't be fooled: the characters might be cute, but the battles are fierce!

Our tip to help you on your way? If you're trying to survive, the dash and triple jump are far more useful than a perfect shot, so we recommend configuring your controllers before you begin. The best set-up is to aim with the same stick you use to move.

Warshmallow is a fun 2D arena battle game that's easy to pick up and play, and perfect for an evening with family or friends.

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Publisher: Bonus Stage Publishing

Developer: DigitalMania SA

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