War Tech Fighters

War Tech Fighters

Custom robots

War Tech Fighters

War Tech Fighters

Green Man Gaming Publishing

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If Goldorak and Transformers had a baby who they sent into space to fight the forces of evil and save the galaxy, it would look a lot like W.T.F (War Tech Fighters). With close-quarter and long-range combat, the missions have varied objectives: destroying fleets, gathering materials, or infiltrating the enemy. We loved how you can customise the robots. A polished Mecha game.

A real Japanese speciality, Mecha are popular with both anime and video game fans alike.

And here, fans of Gundam-style robots are in for a real treat. Indeed, this is a solid alternative to Gundam or Daemon X Machina. A great addition to the genre!

War Tech Fighters - Green Man Gaming Publishing - Custom robots

The story takes place entirely in space. In the very distant future, humanity has conquered most of the galaxy but now finds itself at war against the Zatros Empire. To fight against their oppressors, the rebel colonies of Hebos and Ares will need to put aside their differences. Their only means of defence are the War Tech, giant mecha bristling with cutting edge technology. You play as Captain Nathan Romanis, one of the rebels, as he travels the galaxy with his crew.

We liked how easy it was to get to grips with your mecha. Whether playing with mouse and keyboard or a gamepad, you'll soon come to master your Kill Moves against enemy vessels. They make you feel all-powerful.

And because mecha combat means hand-to-hand combat, you get a huge sword to wield in melee situations. You can also do battle with machine guns, heavy canons, and missiles, and it's all easy to control, even as a beginner.

War Tech Fighters - Green Man Gaming Publishing - Custom robots

Our favourite part? How you can customise your mecha.

Between each of the 33 missions, you return to your ship where you can upgrade your mecha. You can optimise every limb of your exoskeleton (head, body, arms and legs), and this will be vital to making it through your quest. It's a great way to create your own mecha in the image of Gundam or Goldorak. Anything is possible and you can even choose the colour of every part! This is real pimp up your robot territory.

War Tech Fighters - Green Man Gaming Publishing - Custom robots

We loved how powerful you feel in your mecha. This is exactly what fans of the genre are looking for and it’s done really well, especially because as you upgrade your mecha it keeps growing in size.

Here's a secret to help you on your way: it's in the Freedom for Deimos mission where you obtain the quantum wave. You'll kill a few ships and be told to move on to your next objective. DO NOT DO THIS, despite the countdown. Don't move and wait for the clock to run down, a missile will be launched and you'll earn an achievement. But you didn't hear it from us!

War Tech Fighters - Green Man Gaming Publishing - Custom robots

There's also a “New Game +” mode that makes the game even more replayable, as you can start again to complete the quests that were too hard the first time round. You'll get to keep all of your equipment and stats, so that you can keep upgrading your mecha and armour forever. Outstanding!

We really loved this game and recommend it to anyone who wants to play a great mecha game made in Europe. A must in the genre!

War Tech Fighters
  • Age7


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Publisher: Green Man Gaming Publishing

Developer: Drakkar Dev

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