TT Isle of Man

TT Isle of Man

The most lethal race in the world.

TT Isle of Man

TT Isle of Man


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For the bikers out there, there are two kinds of race: the Manx TT, and then the rest. There is simply no race more legendary. This single-player game is easy to get to grips with, and will put you right in the hotseat with a powerful engine humming beneath you thanks to its outstanding graphics. Just try and survive… despite the top speeds of 205 mph.

37 mile laps. 264 corners. 253 deaths. Since it was founded in 1907, The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (and the Manx Grand Prix, its little brother) has always retained its status as the world’s most legendary – and most lethal – motorbike race.

And it’s no wonder, given that the winding little roads are interspersed with crazy straights where bikers love putting pedal to the metal and tempting fate. The TT speed record was set here in 2015 at 206mph. Known for its extreme difficulty, the race is where the planet’s most experienced and daring bikers come together. So you know what to expect!

TT Isle of Man - Nacon - The most lethal race in the world.

If you dream of following in the footsteps of Joey Dunlop with his 26 wins, TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge also features 9 less dangerous tracks and 38 customisable bikes. This means you have time to adjust your driving style if you prefer realism, or be carried along by your bike and your reflexes.

A chance to try your hand before venturing onto the official TT course, specially reproduced by the French developer, Kilotonn, who has previously done some amazing work with the WRC licence.

TT Isle of Man - Nacon - The most lethal race in the world.

A simulation best played in single player, TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge remains easy to pick up and immerses you behind the handlebars of a powerful bike with remarkable graphical realism. But don’t forget the most important thing: to cross the finish line in one piece!

TT Isle of Man
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Publisher: Nacon

Developer: KT Racing

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