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Known as Tatsujin (達人) in Japan, where it is hugely popular, Truxton is an extremely tough vertical shooter where avoiding enemy fire is a real challenge. Do you dare to test your mettle against a benchmark '90s arcade title?

Likes Space Invaders? You'll love tearing your hair out with Truxton!

Truxton - Bitwave Games - Hardcore arcade action.

In this vertically scrolling shoot 'em up, you're in the cockpit of a Super Fighter. But it's far from the fastest vessel out there, and it's this slow pace that gives the game its edge! You can, however, improve your speed by collecting Speed Boosts.

But whenever your Super Fighter is destroyed, it's back to the last checkpoint without any of your boosts, travelling at the oh-so-slow base speed, with just three bombs and less powerful weapons.

Truxton - Bitwave Games - Hardcore arcade action.

Best be ready: avoiding enemy fire is a real challenge. There aren't crowds of enemies, but they are very quick and, to add to the challenge, they often attack from behind. None of your weapons fire backwards, so it's useful to memorise the levels.

And to make things even harder, enemy ships are faster than yours and don't move in straight lines.

Truxton - Bitwave Games - Hardcore arcade action.

We loved Truxton because it features all the hallmarks of Toaplan's arcade collection (also released on the Mega Drive): a power-up system that really brings the destruction at higher levels, super bombs that play both offensive and defensive roles, loads of mini-bosses and gargantuan end-of-level bosses. And, of course, it's hard as nails!

Fortunately, the game features three levels of difficulty, and we recommend starting off with the easiest, especially if you plan on replaying the game.

Truxton - Bitwave Games - Hardcore arcade action.

A little tip to help you on your way, especially against the giant bosses never shy from filling the screen with fireballs. The bombs that destroy enemies have another useful effect: they also destroy enemy fire. On average, four well-placed bombs will kill a boss!

We liked that once you complete the last level, the game takes you back to the first level and ramps up the difficulty.

A benchmark old school shoot 'em up.

  • Age7


  • DesktopSmartTvMobileTablet


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Publisher: Bitwave Games

Developer: Toaplan

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