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The other truck driving sim that delivers an open-world experience. Realism is certainly on the menu with the scenery that goes by, the need to use your wing mirrors, and an endurance system that makes the player-character more human, a real driver who needs to rest to avoid falling asleep at the wheel. The only downside is that all you do is drive. There's no building your own company, here!

We won't beat around the bush: we're here to drive trucks. And that's it! There's no managing a freight company, here, just hitting the open road... and what an experience. Truck Driver, developed and published by SOEDESCO, is a driving simulator that serves up a deliberately simple, relaxing experience.

Truck Driver - SOEDESCO - Chilled out king of the road

At the start of the game, you're invited to step into the shoes of a truck driver who has just inherited a truck from his father, in a great way to get used to the game. Your mission is to fulfil contracts for a variety of local companies, helping them grow while collecting financial rewards for your efforts. The story is underpinned by interactions with colourful characters and a varied range of jobs.

We liked the relaxed approach to the simulation, that gives you plenty of time to admire the scenery. There's no rush, here., and the rainfall effects and the headlight beams at night add an immersive touch. The selection of different views and the smooth camera are really well done, making the game even more enjoyable.

Truck Driver - SOEDESCO - Chilled out king of the road

You earn money for each delivery, which you can then use to purchase upgrades. These can be aesthetic, like a new paint job or cabin for your truck, or mechanical, with new engines and vehicles. But be warned: you'll need to unlock them first by making progress through the game.

You can also use your money to fill your tank, pay for repairs caused by wear and tear or accidents, buy new tyres and pay fines, which you might receive for running a red light or getting caught speeding. Thankfully, it won't add any points to your licence (or we would have finished the game as pedestrians!).

Truck Driver - SOEDESCO - Chilled out king of the road

Our favourite part? Managing fatigue and fuel. It helps to create a realistic experience, even as part of this more easy-going sim. In addition to managing your tyres to avoid punctures and wear on the engine, using the logo the bottom right of the screen, you'll also need to make sure you get your sleep. Indeed, a little bar in the top right lets you know when you're getting tired or even about to nod off, which ends the current mission.

Our tip to help you on your way? Keep an eye out for rest stops as you're travelling along the map. They aren't just used to let you get some rest; they can also be strategic places to plan your route and even pick up special missions you might have overlooked.

Truck Driver - SOEDESCO - Chilled out king of the road

Despite its simplicity, Truck Driver manages to do what it does very well. Fans of driving sims will find a deliberately relaxing experience, with no need to become an expert on complex mechanics.

It doesn't reinvent the genre, but it's a pleasant trip nonetheless, and perfect for anyone who just wants to unwind. It’s also a great game for younger gamers who love their trucks!

Truck Driver
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Publisher: SOEDESCO

Developer: SOEDESCO

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