The Town of Light

The Town of Light

A solitary psychological adventure.

The Town of Light

The Town of Light

Wired Productions

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Delve into the memories of a young female patient locked away in an old psychiatric hospital! In this ultra-realistic first-person exploration game, your job is to reconstruct the troubled past of little Renée, and uncover the mysterious evil that’s eating away at her. Over the course of the sinister adventure, you’ll also learn about the sometimes inhumane practices of 20th century psychiatry.

If there’s a greater evil than zombies, aliens, or armed militias, it has to be loneliness. In The Town of Light, you won’t be faced with hordes of enemies or invisible spirits, but rather your own memories and trauma. And make no mistake: it’s every bit as frightening!

Finding yourself alone in what appears to be an old Italian psychiatric hospital in Volterra, Tuscany, you play as Renée, a young woman aged 16 who sets off on a journey to uncover her past and learn about the events that brought her here. Be warned: the details in this 3D exploration game are all true to life, and based on very real psychiatric experiments. Bad treatments included! Psychiatry in the early 20th century…

The Town of Light - Wired Productions - A solitary psychological adventure.

It is against this shady and oppressive backdrop that you’ll need to explore every last corner of the sinister hospital, and piece together your fragments of memory to avoid descending into madness and, most importantly, discover what happened to poor little Renée. No easy task, and one made all the harder since you won’t be given any clues and nobody is around to help you.

Turn off the lights and get ready for a long night wandering the confines of human madness!

The Town of Light - Wired Productions - A solitary psychological adventure.

The Town of Light is a first-person exploration game where the immersion is total. Although there’s no violent or truly traumatic scenes, this game from the Italian studio LKA isn’t one for kids, and immerses you in a dark and troubling atmosphere where you need to discover what happened to Renée before and during her hospitalisation.

Easy to pick up and play, there are only three controls: look at an item, view your inventory, and turn on your trusty torch. From one objective to the next, you’ll need to collect all the documents you come across (to complete Renée’s private diary) as well as “Proustian madeleines” that will trigger new and frightening memories. Prepare yourself to discover the full, inhumane horror of early psychiatry, and to be grateful that there’s been a lot of progress made since then!

The Town of Light
  • Age18


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Publisher: Wired Productions

Developer: LKA

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