The Jackbox Party Starter

The Jackbox Party Starter

For some politically incorrect fun!

The Jackbox Party Starter

The Jackbox Party Starter

Jackbox Games, Inc.

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From quirky quizzes to crazy artistic challenges, here's a collection of minigames for a hilarious night in with your least uptight friends! Use your smartphones as a controller and take part in challenges that are a little bit brash and sometimes a bit scary.

If you're uptight or a buzz-kill, keep on walking! Here's a game for players who want to let their hair down and aren't afraid of a bit of black humour and some tasteless jokes!
Whether you're an online gaming pro or a total newbie looking for some fun, The Jackbox Party Starter serves up a unique experience with its original use of your smartphone, tablet, and computer as a control pad.

The Jackbox Party Starter - Jackbox Games, Inc. - For some politically incorrect fun!

Out tip to help you on your way? Make sure you've got a good internet connection and get your phone ready. When you launch the game, it generates a one-time code that you and your friends will use to join the party. As soon as everyone's ready, the VIP (that's the first player to connect to the game) starts the game and the contest begins!

The party pack contains three games:

  • The first is called Quiplash 3, a game that's very well-known in the USA and that challenges players to complete sentences in the most ridiculous way in an effort to come up with the most ridiculous answer. It's just like Cards Against Humanity.
  • The second game, Tee K.O. calls on players to use their generally atrocious drawing skills to design custom t-shirts. Even through drawing on a smartphone can be a bit of a chore, selecting designs and slogans from other players can be really hilarious.
  • The last game is Trivia Murder Party, and it's the best of the bunch. Players answer general knowledge questions and compete in minigames to avoid a tragic end. It's an unfair blend of dexterity, general knowledge, and luck, that really ratchets up the stress and anxiety among the players.
The Jackbox Party Starter - Jackbox Games, Inc. - For some politically incorrect fun!

We liked the games' relaxed vibe, which borders on the trashy, and the completely unfair results for the players. It's a great way to get the party going and anyone can play, even those who've never played an online game before.

But just know that while older teens and bawdy adults will love it, The Jackbox Party Starter isn't suitable for kids aged under 16!

The Jackbox Party Starter - Jackbox Games, Inc. - For some politically incorrect fun!

So, whether you want to make up some hilarious jokes, design crazy t-shirts, or survive a deadly quiz, this party pack serves up a genuinely fun experience.

The Jackbox Party Starter
  • Age12


  • SmartTvDesktopMobileTablet


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  • GamepadKeyboardTouch


Publisher: Jackbox Games, Inc.

Developer: Jackbox Games, Inc.

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