Survivor - Castaway Island

Survivor - Castaway Island

Marooned on your sofa

Survivor - Castaway Island

Survivor - Castaway Island


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Real life Robinson Crusoe. With the other contestants, you'll be managing resources, health, and energy while picking the right strategy to beat challenges and forge alliances. If you've ever dreamed of taking part in the TV show without wasting away in the sun, the minigames will be right up your street. Great to play as a family.

Have you always dreamed of taking part in the show, but know deep down that you aren't fit or tough enough? Then you've come to the right place! There's no need to suffer hunger, thirst, or torrential downpours in the company of strangers on the red or yellow team... Indeed, safe from the comfort of your sofa in the company of family or friends, there's nothing to stop you from sipping on some fruit juice or munching on some crisps while you play!

Survivor - Castaway Island - Microids - Marooned on your sofa

At the start of the game, you'll need to choose whether you're going to play on the Coconut Tribe or Mango Tribe.

We liked the huge variety of minigames and challenges, which range from gathering resources to solving puzzles and head-to-head contests. You'll need to use your coordination, strategy, and problem solving skills to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of your path to victory. You may, for example, be faced with the challenging task of building a shelter for your tribe using limited resources, or need to pick your way through a dangerous maze to find a hidden treasure.

Survivor - Castaway Island - Microids - Marooned on your sofa

Our favourite part? The social interactions. You'll need to build relationships with the other contestants by engaging them in conversation and forming alliances, using the interactive dialogue options to influence the other contestants' opinions and how the game plays out. Make good use of diplomacy and strategy to persuade the others to vote in line with your best interests, all while keeping an eye out for secret alliances and unexpected twists. With a total of six players per team, you'll need to work together while remaining wary of others.

Survivor - Castaway Island - Microids - Marooned on your sofa

While it's true that Survivor: Castaway Island isn't as dynamic as the TV show on which it's based, it is still pretty complex with its personal loyalty systems. Most of the challenges are fun and you'll need to manage how much effort you expend or else you might pass out or get injured.

Our advice to help you on your way? Avoid instant elimination during the first merge challenge. It can be troubling and punitive for players who aren't up to speed with minigames.

Survivor - Castaway Island - Microids - Marooned on your sofa

Survivor: Castaway Island is a fun game for players of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you're a longstanding fan of the TV series or you're into board games and looking for a game to play with friends, this is an unpretentious game that's a great way to experience life on a desert island without all the hardship.

Survivor - Castaway Island
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Publisher: Microids

Developer: Magic Pockets

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