Star Wolves 2

Star Wolves 2

A short, demanding sequel.

Star Wolves 2

Star Wolves 2

Fulqrum Publishing

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This sequel to Star Wolves starts off with a stiff challenge. It comes during the second mission, but if you’re patient and can ward off the frustration, the game will reward you with some engrossing large-scale battles.

The same familiar faces in a new adventure, set 6 years after the events of the first game.

The year is now 2232 and your mercenaries are setting off for pastures new.

But not only have they forgotten all of their past exploits, they've also lost their former mothership, which has been replaced by an even more wretched vessel, the MSF Radamata.

Star Wolves 2 - Fulqrum Publishing - A short, demanding sequel.

You will soon discover the identity of the current Emperor, an imposter, and his connection to Astra, a member of your team.

It's worth highlighting that Star Wolves 2 is a very short game, more like an extra chapter to the first instalment. It will take you around ten hours to complete the main story.

Its charm lies in its neat interface, RPG elements, and complex technology trees. A special mention should go to the upgrade trees for each of the four character specialisations: a pilot specialised in manoeuvres, a gunner now specialised in lasers, a technician that can use all kinds of electronic countermeasures, or a torpedo gunner who's an expert in missiles. They make each pilot unique thanks to the abilities you can unlock to use throughout your mission.

Star Wolves 2 - Fulqrum Publishing - A short, demanding sequel.

And it all takes place in a 3D world with great graphics and an excellent RPG system.

But be warned: you might be in for a hard time at first, especially in the battle against aliens in the second main mission. Only the most patient and cool-headed gamers will be rewarded by the fantastic major battles that come later.

For some, this is the best game in the series; but for the rest, it's better to dive straight in to Star Wolves 3.

Star Wolves 2
  • Age12


  • Desktop


  • Solo


  • Keyboard


Publisher: Fulqrum Publishing

Developer: X-Bow Software

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