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Play as a man living in the penthouse of a soaring hotel at the moment disaster befell the Earth. The concept is simple: to find your way out down through 100 floors. However, the tower is infested with creatures and resources are scarce. This 2D rogue-lite will be a hit with gamers with a head for heights who don’t mind starting over and over again, and have nerves of steel.

The end of the world can come at any time, and for a multitude of reasons. For Jason Perry, a businessman visiting the city to sign a juicy contract, Armageddon came at just the right time, or almost.

While Jason has survived the effects of a bioweapon unleashed without warning, it’s only because he treated himself to a stay in the presidential suite on the top floor of a 100-storey hotel: SkyHill!

Skyhill - Daedalic Entertainment - A descent into Hell!

But here’s the hitch: after days spent barricaded in his suite, Jason needs to find some food, and that means leaving his room… right now! And that is where you come in! Your job is to help him make it down through the hotel’s 100 floors, all the way to street level. It sounds pretty straightforward, but it looks like the rest of the building took the full brunt of the bioweapon.

As a result, all of the guests and employees at SkyHill have mutated into bloodthirsty monsters that randomly stalk the halls! And given that you’re the only human in the area…

Developed by Mandragora and financed through a crowdfunding campaign, SkyHill is a roguelite (procedurally generated maps) with 2D RPG elements, that could also be described as "Point & Survive".

Skyhill - Daedalic Entertainment - A descent into Hell!

Because that’s right: you’ll be starting over many a time before you see light at the end of the tunnel! Its gameplay is similar to Point & Click games, in that you use your joystick to point your cursor at the things you want to interact with, including an enemy’s weak points. You’ll also need to examine all of the places marked with a little eye by exploring every room in the building to find the items you need to survive: weapons, food, and medical supplies!

You can craft some items yourself by picking up the necessary components. To craft, you’ll first need to give your suite a makeover to set up a workbench! You’ll also need to go back there to rest, build weapons, or just come back to life!

Fortunately, whenever you tragically die, your active and passive upgrades and skills stay with you, so that you can get a bit further towards your goal (survival) each time.

  • Age16


  • DesktopMobileTabletSmartTv


  • Solo


  • KeyboardRemoteTouchPartialGamepad


Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment

Developer: Mandragora

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