Truly demanding motorbike racing.




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The motorbike racing sim for fans of precision gameplay. It will take a bit of effort in the beginning, as Career Mode is a stiff challenge, but once you’ve mastered the controls you’ll be a racing pro. Completing the challenges starts to be motivating, because there’s a new bike as a reward. The sound of the engines is fantastic. And the dynamic weather really adds to the endurance races.

In need of an adrenaline rush and ready to satisfy your need for speed by racing a motorbike along iconic tracks? RIDE 4 has what you need, with an unforgettable gaming experience that pays meticulous attention to detail and comes with a cast-iron commitment to authenticity.

RIDE 4 - Milestone - Truly demanding motorbike racing.

But it's best to get one thing straight from the outset: the deep gameplay found in RIDE 4 serves up a real challenge, especially for newcomers to the world of motorbike racing. The difficulty is apparent from the outset, but with plenty of practice and perseverance, you'll come to enjoy mastering the subtleties of motorbike racing and discovering the game's full potential.

You can expect some fiendish races on tracks all around the world, from the legendary Mugello to the famed Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Every corner and every straight is an invitation to push your bike to the limit and experience the very essence of speed on two wheels.

RIDE 4 - Milestone - Truly demanding motorbike racing.

We liked the huge selection of bikes. With more than 170 models reproduced with breathtaking realism, RIDE 4 provides some amazing window-shopping opportunities for motorbike fans, with a collection spanning the great classics all the way through to the latest racing machines. Each bike is reproduced with an impressive attention to detail, perfectly capturing its appearance, sounds, and performance.

But RIDE 4 is not just a visual demo...

The game's physics are also unflinchingly realistic, for an authentic and satisfying riding experience. With every corner and precision burst on the accelerator, you'll feel the raw power and responsive controls of every bike you ride.

RIDE 4 - Milestone - Truly demanding motorbike racing.

One of the most impressive new features for RIDE 4 is the dynamic weather that can suddenly change during a race and really put your skills to the test. You'll be dealing with torrential downpours, blizzards, and blazing sunshine, adapting your riding style to the weather to stay at the head of the pack.

Our favourite part? The dynamic weather conditions that add an extra challenge to RIDE 4, forcing players to master riding on wet surfaces and adapt to sudden changes in traction and visibility.

Here are our tips to help you ride better on wet ground:

  • Brake before you enter a corner to avoid locking your front wheel and keep your bike upright on wet surfaces.
  • Use engine braking: learn to master downshifting to brake gently and avoid uncontrolled skids on wet ground.
RIDE 4 - Milestone - Truly demanding motorbike racing.

One of the most outstanding features in RIDE 4 is its comprehensive Career Mode that challenges you to rise through the ranks of international motorsport as you compete in varied competitions and develop your skills as a rider. Then there's the competitive multiplayer mode, where you can test your skills against other riders around the world in online races.

With its breathtaking graphics, realistic physics, and impressive selection of bikes, RIDE 4 is the perfect game for motorbike racing fans in the mood for an immersive and challenging experience.

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Publisher: Milestone

Developer: Milestone

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