Red Wings: American Aces

Red Wings: American Aces

Uncle Sam takes to the skies.

Red Wings: American Aces

Red Wings: American Aces

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The sequel to Aces of the Sky doubles down on the arcade action with a comic book aesthetic. The main challenge lies in your plane's fragile condition, with a single life bar and a fuel gauge that is always running down. You'll need to fly through the green rings in the sky if you want to fill them back up. Very simple and very effective.

More than a true sequel, Red Wings: American Aces is a spin-off title from Red Wings: Aces of the Sky.

This time, the game gives you a chance to take part in the adventures of American recruits to the French "Lafayette" squadron. This is a little-known story of the Great War, because this squadron really did exist, formed of American volunteers who fought alongside the French from 1916, a whole year before the United States joined the war in 1917.

Red Wings: American Aces - All in! Games - Uncle Sam takes to the skies.

Members of your squadron include Frank, troubled by the death of his friend Benjamin who perished in the skies above Verdun; James, who joined the squadron to escape his life as a farmer, and you, a young pilot with a thirst for adventure.

The story is revealed in an original way, through comic strips that appear between missions, illustrating the morale of your intrepid pilots.

Red Wings: American Aces - All in! Games - Uncle Sam takes to the skies.

Like Aces of the Sky, American Aces is a 100% arcade aerial combat game, and therefore super easy to pick up and play.

There are no take-offs or landings here: the aim of the game is to pilot your aircraft and complete a range of missions, like shooting down enemies, escorting bombers, and rescuing prisoners of war. You earn points for every enemy you kill, and the better you perform in your missions and the more planes you unlock, the more stars you'll be rewarded with. These stars can then be used to upgrade you combat skills, your machine gun, and the damage your inflict, and more besides.

Red Wings: American Aces - All in! Games - Uncle Sam takes to the skies.

Our advice? Think before you act: all of your skills need time to cool down before you can use them again, so use them wisely. You'll need to use them at the right time to bring in as many points as you can and survive the hails of enemy bullets.

Pure arcade fun is the name of the game in the Red Wings series. However, you'll still need to keep your health bar in the green and your fuel gauge in the brown. If you start running low on fuel or take too much damage, you'll need to fly through the rings that hang from special balloons to top them up.

Red Wings: American Aces - All in! Games - Uncle Sam takes to the skies.

The thing we really liked was the two-player mode, especially in Story mode. It lets you play in split-screen with a friend and roam the skies together. Two-player mode also lets you play quick dogfights against each other.

A real arcade experience in a fascinating setting!

Red Wings: American Aces
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