Randal's Monday

Randal's Monday

Another Reason Not to Like Mondays.

Randal's Monday

Randal's Monday

Daedalic Entertainment

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Ever felt like you’re living the same day on repeat? Well, that’s what you’ll be doing in this madcap Point and Click game for an adult audience. With its jokes and bad language, Randal’s Monday contains plenty of references to a whole library of cult pop culture games and films. Totally politically incorrect, but a joy to play.

It all starts with the three main characters in a bar: Randal, a sociopathic kleptomaniac; his best friend Matt, who can’t hold his drink; and Matt’s fiancé, Sally. Matt and Sally have just got engaged, but what should be a happy day will soon turn into a nightmare when Randal finds himself stuck in a time loop after stealing the engagement ring. He is condemned to endlessly reliving that same Monday, and tasked with finding that cursed ring to stop his friend from killing himself...

If you’re a fan of 1990s point and click games, you’re in for a treat here.

Randal's Monday - Daedalic Entertainment - Another Reason Not to Like Mondays.

In addition to its comedy side, Randal’s Monday is packed with references to a pantheon of iconic games and films, such as Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Back to the Future, Portal, Lord of the Rings, and the rest.

The game relies heavily on its narration to draw players in, through endless dialogues that sometimes go nowhere, but offer a chance to shoehorn in a geek culture reference or tell a funny story. Yes Randal's Monday is funny, and we laughed out loud at some of the comical situations or particularly sharp dialogue, not to mention the countless pop culture references.

Randal's Monday - Daedalic Entertainment - Another Reason Not to Like Mondays.

The game is very easy to pick up and play. It’s a traditional point & click game that isn’t looking to revolutionize the genre. What we did find surprising, however, was that the puzzles are often far-fetched, but thankfully the game comes with the solutions built in. Just like Monkey Island, you’ll soon find yourself trying unlikely combinations of items as you become willing to try anything.

Ultimately, this game is faithful to the first generation of point & click games. The numerous references are no more distracting than LucasArts private jokes in Monkey Island and Indiana Jones.

Take note, though, that it’s a game for players who know what they’re getting into. It can be vulgar and sweary with the kind of language that might shock younger players...

Be mindful of who plays it.

Randal's Monday
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Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment

Developer: Nexus Game Studios

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