Planet Cube: Edge

Planet Cube: Edge

A platforming masterpiece for adults

Planet Cube: Edge

Planet Cube: Edge


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A great platform game with a retro vibe that demands real patience and agility. Planet Cube is being invaded, and it's up to you to save it! The enemies, with their cool design, bring a touch of humour, but the slightest contact can be fatal. Thankfully the frequent checkpoints help soothe the frustration. An engrossing but demanding action-platformer.

There are some platformers out there that get rave reviews in the gaming press and prove unanimously popular on Steam.
Well, here's one that's definitely worth checking out, but only if you like a real challenge.
The plot is a straightforward one: on Planet Cube, Edge lives life in peace until a mysterious invader arrives to sow chaos and destruction. But when everyone else decides to flee, Edge finds himself locked in a desperate battle to save his home planet, whether he likes it or not. Armed with his pistol, jetpack, and a healthy dose of courage, he is out to bring peace back to Planet Cube.

Planet Cube: Edge - Firestoke - A platforming masterpiece for adults

We liked the game's retro aesthetic. Developed by independent studio Sunna Entertainment, Planet Cube: Edge is a real pixellated masterpiece that has captivated the hearts of gamers. With its retro aesthetic, it takes you on a real visual odyssey through some truly breathtaking landscapes. The shades of blue-green and the polished details work to create an immersive atmosphere that places players right in the heart of the action. Fans of Sonic will even find a few nods to that most famous blue hedgehog. The short, pithy dialogue that punctuates the adventure provide some welcome respite from the game's two intense gameplay sequences.

Planet Cube: Edge - Firestoke - A platforming masterpiece for adults

But be warned: Planet Cube: Edge isn't a game for the faint-hearted! It's an extremely demanding game that will really put your reflexes to the test. You'll need to demonstrate dexterity, precision, and quick reflexes to overcome every new challenge. Just brushing against the littlest enemy can prove fatal! Thankfully, there are plenty of save points where you can catch your breath.
Each of the game's eight levels are divided into several different screens, but each screen can take 30-60 minutes to beat!

Planet Cube: Edge - Firestoke - A platforming masterpiece for adults

We loved the intuitive controls that let players focus on the action without being distracted by complex mechanics. Jump, crush, dash, and shoot... the possibilities are endless, especially as there are a variety of actions to get past obstacles or take out the quirky baddies.

Planet Cube: Edge - Firestoke - A platforming masterpiece for adults

Our advice? If you're in the mood for an even bigger challenge and added replayability, there are items to collect in each level that will force you to use your full range of skills if you're to get your hands on them. You'll also need to make it through the screen where you found them without dying if you want to keep them. The really neat thing is that each of these items unlocks an audio track, video, or image gallery in the game's main menu.

Planet Cube: Edge is much more than just another childlike platformer. It's an immersive experience for seasoned gamers and fully deserving of its excellent reviews. If you're ready for the challenge, dive into this breathless adventure and get ready to put your skills to the test!

Planet Cube: Edge
  • Age7


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Publisher: Firestoke

Developer: Sunna Entertainment

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