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A life simulator, where you play as a little lynx lost in the wilderness! To make it back to the warmth of your den, you’ll need to follow the tracks left by your family and make good use of your keen nose. This hostile and mysterious new world will soon become your playground. Just sublime. For ages 8+.

Are you a die-hard survivalist? Think you know all there is to know about the great outdoors? A 3D adventure game where you play as a little lynx lost in the wilderness will put your skills to the test!

That’s exactly the kind of adventure that awaits in Paws – A Shelter 2 Game. Your life as a lynx cub seemed to be off to a great start: a protective mother, tasty butterflies, and brothers to play with! But one stormy night with biblical rains, you find yourself swept away by a flash flood and separated from your family! And even with the sharpest instincts, young animals tend not to survive for long without their mothers...

Paws - Might and Delight - Paws for thought.

You could always find her by her scent, but now you’re lost! This means you’ll need to learn the basics of survival all by yourself, and grow up very quickly. In a world that’s hostile but filled with treasures, you’ll need to quickly establish your position in the food chain. As you might have guessed, this great journey is no walk in the park, but who knows? Maybe you aren’t the only one who’s lost their mother?

Developed by Might and Delight, Paws – A Shelter 2 Game is an independent 3D adventure game with an original and polished aesthetic. The gameplay in this brand-new instalment of Shelter 2 (where you play as momma lynx) is quick and easy to pick up, and perfect as an introduction to adventure games.

It’s very straightforward: all you need to do is run, pounce on your prey, eat them, and live your best life as a lynx cub! What’s more, for a lost child you have a pretty solid skillset. You have an unrivalled nose and can sniff out food, danger, and the tracks left by your family.

Paws - Might and Delight - Paws for thought.

To use this keen sense, just press the appropriate button while looking around the landscape with your joystick. But when danger is around, you’ll also need to make yourself scarce and use your stealth mode. Because in this world, even geese can cause you problems if you wander too close to their eggs!

The adventure is also punctuated with friendly encounters where you’ll be "feline" fine. All that’s left is to set off in the right direction on the trail of your mother, in this patchwork world inspired by traditional Russian needlecraft!

A beautiful, soothing, and sometimes cruel open world game.

  • Age7


  • DesktopMobileTablet


  • Solo


  • KeyboardPartialGamepad


Publisher: Might and Delight

Developer: Might and Delight

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