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Might and Delight

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A little marvel of a calming exploration game with pretty minimalist graphics. Set in an open world, you will play as a female astronaut who has landed on a completely unexplored world. You’ll need to find items to repair your ship, and that means you’ll need to explore the planet. The exploration is interspersed with challenges and puzzles to solve to get your hands on what you need.

Walt Disney be warned: Pan-Pan – A tiny big adventure has nothing to do with Peter and Wendy. Quite the opposite, this minimalistic game with its sometimes complex puzzles will definitely help your brain grow up! You play as a little astronaut whose hot-air balloon space ship has crash-landed on an unknown planet.

But before you set off to find the pieces of your spaceship that are now scattered all over the planet, you’ll first need to rely on nothing but your wits to observe and explore this colourful world filled with riddles! Because one thing is for sure: the natives won’t be of much help on your quest.

Pan-Pan - Might and Delight - A puzzle game for real adventurers!

In fact, they’ll be more likely to protect their newfound gadgets with fiendishly complex mechanisms! But with a bit of thought and a whole lot of self-sacrifice, you should make it out of this giant puzzle in just a few hours… if all goes according to plan!

Developed by Emil Berner and his studio, Spelkraft (its stablemates include Shelter and Pid), this “low poly” 3D adventure and puzzle game poses a worthy challenge for fans of riddles and peaceful exploration. Pan-Pan – A tiny big adventure is set in a beautiful open world filled with streamlined graphics and a palette of pastel shades that is put to effective use.

And while some of the interwoven puzzles might have you pulling your hair out, the soothing Zen ambience will stop you from flying off into a fit of rage.

Pan-Pan - Might and Delight - A puzzle game for real adventurers!

The gameplay itself couldn’t be simpler: all you have to do to move around is click the place you want your character to go. If it’s possible to interact with your chosen spot (pick up, drop, or use), that’s all done for you!

Then you just need to figure out which items you need to move to unlock the right areas. To do that, you just need to trust your intuition, your sense of observation, and your boundless curiosity by setting off to see what lies behind that strange black fog.

Who knows, you might just stumble on the solution to a nearby puzzle!

  • Age3


  • DesktopMobileTabletSmartTv


  • Solo


  • KeyboardRemoteTouchPartialGamepad


Publisher: Might and Delight

Developer: Spelkraft

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