All the buggy and quad action you need.




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You might love racing buggies and quads, but would you do it across vertiginous inclines where an accident is never far away? Overpass is a technical simulation and you'll need to put in some training before you can hope to beat your opponents. But there's real joy to be had in racing through jungle streams, crossing muddy swamps, tearing along the beach, and surmounting obstacles in the sand!

Fans of off-road racing are in for a treat.

Overpass serves up a unique experience for fans of high-speed thrills. With its genuinely challenging tracks and original vehicles, the game provides a satisfying challenge for gamers in search of something different across dangerous terrain.

OVERPASS - Nacon - All the buggy and quad action you need.

Whether you opt for buggy or quad, each type of vehicle comes with its own different specs in terms of speed, handling, power, and the ability to clear obstacles. Just make sure you choose the right one for the job to maximise your chances of success.

In Overpass, there are two kinds of races: obstacle races, often over several laps where you'll need to avoid obstacles along a clearly defined course, and uphill races where you'll be testing your head for heights on your way from point A to point B.

OVERPASS - Nacon - All the buggy and quad action you need.

We liked the variety encountered across the 43 tracks. They take in forests, mountains, the coast, and marshland, and feature polished environments that give you a real feel for the kind of terrain you're crossing. Just remember that tight bends aren't approached the same way on sand, mud, and rocks.

The vehicles' realistic physics add another layer of complexity, forcing players to adjust their speed and racing line, and to use their differentials to make it over obstacles.

OVERPASS - Nacon - All the buggy and quad action you need.

Our tip: pure speed is never the answer, and remember that the rider's balance affects the vehicle's!

And be warned: Overpass is a demanding game, a realistic off-road racing sim that's so difficult that it draws comparison to Dark Souls. You'll need to dig deep to make it through. The tracks are dotted with insurmountable obstacles like rocks, steep inclines, mud, and rivers, demanding intense concentration and complete mastery of the different vehicles.

OVERPASS - Nacon - All the buggy and quad action you need.

Our favourite part? How you can upgrade and optimise your vehicles by unlocking new parts to make certain tracks easier, especially the last races in the final. Play around with adjusting the suspension, gears, and differentials to find out what works best in different situations. Not to mention how detailed the gameplay is in Overpass, even letting you change your vehicle's differential in the middle of the race to get a better grip on the surface.

Sometimes, the slightest adjustments can make a big difference.

An original and extremely rewarding racing game for gamers who like a challenge.

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Publisher: Nacon

Developer: Zordix Racing

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