Omnibion War

Omnibion War

Robots in disguise!

Omnibion War

Omnibion War

Fulqrum Publishing

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As an intergalactic war rages, you'll play as an elite pilot of a "transformer": a spaceship that can transform into a battle mech. It's up to you to choose the form you'll do battle in across the varied missions that will take you out into the vacuum of interplanetary space, across lava deserts, and underwater worlds on unknown planets.

Fans of iconic '90s title Star Fox 64 will love the gameplay and retro look of this game made in the 2020s .

We liked how the game was made by a tiny team of developers: just two people!

Omnibion War - Fulqrum Publishing - Robots in disguise!

The game places you in pilot's seat of a hi-tech space jet that transforms into a mech at the push of a button. Then it's up to you to carve a path through the galaxy taking out thousands of Hellhounds and preventing them from getting their hands on a dangerous ancient weapon, the Omnibion.

Each level is divided into two sections. The first is a rail shooter… the shoot 'em up genre where you shoot and kill enemies along a linear path on fixed axis. That means you aren't in control of your character's movements, leaving you free to focus solely on your targets.

Omnibion War - Fulqrum Publishing - Robots in disguise!

The second part of each mission lets you go off the rails and fly through an open world completing objectives. Most of the time, your job will be to shoot at specific targets until they explode. When you get the job done, an animated character appears to congratulate you, while another appears to warn you that it's not over yet.

But Omnibion War has one key feature designed to help you on your way. You can turn your spaceship into a Transformers-like mech at any time. This costs energy, of course.

Omnibion War - Fulqrum Publishing - Robots in disguise!

Here's a tip: when you encounter one of the end of level bosses, remember that they have weak points that you can only hit in your mech form, because you can't move when you are on the attack.

You should also stay sharp in the underwater level against submarines. Touch the water in your spaceship form and you'll explode: you can only go beneath the waves in your mech form.

Omnibion War is a challenging game, but it has a charm of its own that will delight fans of rail shooters.

Omnibion War
  • Age12


  • Desktop


  • Solo


  • Keyboard


Publisher: Fulqrum Publishing

Developer: Crazy Bullet

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