Noob - The Factionless

Noob - The Factionless

Play as the characters of the cult webseries.

Noob - The Factionless

Noob - The Factionless


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The game based on the Noob webseries, with dialogue written by the author himself, Fabien Fournier. The gameplay adopts the conventions of an MMORPG in a single-player game with turn-based combat. It's a real joy to play, with the farming elements and deep dives into the lore as you discover amazing locations to its beautiful soundtrack. A real indie gem!

Remember the webseries Noob on Nolife? All the 30-somethings in 2024 will remember it fondly. And thanks to the fans of NoobTV and a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule, you can now experience the Noob universe in videogame format!

Noob - The Factionless - Microids - Play as the characters of the cult webseries.

The concept is a simple one: you play as the noobiest of noobs in a world where "noob" is almost a trademark. It all starts off in an internet café, where Adam and Martin, two friends, find themselves confronted with their noob status in the eSports world. Encouraged by the café's staff, they decide to join the Noob guild and set off to become eSport legends.

And so begins your journey through a fantasy RPG world populated with fearsome enemies and brimming with surprises.

Noob - The Factionless - Microids - Play as the characters of the cult webseries.

Boasting several chapters, a variety of quests, and the ability to take on trades like fishing, cooking, or hunting Smourbiff, the game serves up a deep and immersive experience with its own kind of dated charm.

But Noob – The Factionless is first and foremost an adventure of two worlds: immersion in the real world with real people in the city of Toulon, and forays into a legendary MMORPG called Horizon. A game within a game!

We liked the funny, sarcastic dialogue written by Fabien Fournier himself, and that remains true to the spirit of the original webseries.

Noob - The Factionless - Microids - Play as the characters of the cult webseries.

Our favourite part? The turn-based combat inspired by classic MMORPGs that force you to manage different character classes using varied tactics to beat the bosses and progress through the game.

Our tip to help you on your way? We recommend reaching level 5 before venturing into Puinetourne village, so that your progress is as smooth as possible and you can best adapt to the challenges you'll face. You should also make sure that you grab all the treasure in each area before you leave. While the treasure is never lost forever and is there to pick up later on, it's best to get your hands on it as soon as possible, because they'll be most useful to you at your current level.

Noob - The Factionless - Microids - Play as the characters of the cult webseries.

This is a perfect game for anyone looking to have fun while learning the basics of MMORPGs, and provides a unique single-player way to learn multiplayer gaming. So... Are you ready to take your first steps as a noob gamer in smash-hit MMO, Horizon 4.2?

Noob - The Factionless
  • Age7


  • SmartTvDesktopMobileTablet


  • Solo


  • GamepadKeyboardTouch


Publisher: Microids

Developer: Olydri Studio

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