Nanotale - Typing Chronicles

Nanotale - Typing Chronicles

To the letter!

Nanotale - Typing Chronicles

Nanotale - Typing Chronicles

Fishing Cactus

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The spiritual sequel to Epistory, Nanotale is a typing game driven by exploration. It’s the perfect game to become a keyboard ace and put your typing speed to the test. You play as Rosaline, an archivist tasked with collecting samples of rocks and plants, but whose assignment will soon go awry. A little gem reminiscent of the Avatar universe. Guaranteed violence-free.

Do you prefer a good sonnet to the sound of gunfire? Words rather than violence? Welcome to Nanotale – Typing Chronicles, where your keyboard will be your most valuable ally.

In this follow-up to Epistory - Typing Chronicles (there’s no connection between the stories of the two games), you play as Rosalind, a young archivist with a special skill: mastery of the magic of words! As part of her initiation, she is tasked with investigating the mysteries and legends of the Ancestral Forest.

Nanotale - Typing Chronicles - Fishing Cactus - To the letter!

This means you’ll be recording all kinds of "knowledge" in your grimoire, like the plants found in the forest, cultural symbols, local wildlife, and the most dangerous creatures! How? By spotting them out in the wild and then using your keyboard to type out their names.

And without any typos, for God’s sake! The more knowledge Rosaline acquires, the more she can level up. And when she does, she’ll get access to loads of magical abilities, and the answers to your questions!

Nanotale - Typing Chronicles - Fishing Cactus - To the letter!

Developed by Belgian studio Fishing Cactus (just like Algo Bot and Ary and the Secret of Seasons), Nanotale – Typing Chronicles is an independent title with an isometric 3D point of view, whose gameplay is based on typing on the keyboard and moving the mouse.

So it is that you’ll explore the vast game world using your elemental magic, as well as your talents as a typist, to defeat your enemies in the various action sequences. This is an incredibly fun game that will be perfect for schoolkids missing their English classes during the summer holidays!

Nanotale - Typing Chronicles - Fishing Cactus - To the letter!

The game comes with different difficulty options to suit everyone from the littlest kids (and even children with dyslexia) to the biggest, because you can adjust how many words you need to type per minute depending on your level. You can play the game in English, or even try out your foreign language skills!

The game also contains some RPG elements, like the ability to give Rosalind magic powers: possession, repel, and super-speed, to name but a few.

By coming to master and upgrade each of them, you’ll need just over 8 hours to learn all of the secrets of the Ancestral Forest!

Nanotale - Typing Chronicles
  • Age7


  • Desktop


  • Solo


  • Keyboard


Publisher: Fishing Cactus

Developer: Fishing Cactus

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