My Universe - Doctors & Nurses

My Universe - Doctors & Nurses

The doctor will see you now!

My Universe - Doctors & Nurses

My Universe - Doctors & Nurses


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Experience life as a doctor and nurse in a hospital. A genuinely educational sim designed for ages 7-10 that sees players learning the symptoms of the most common diseases. The game also encourages reading by guiding them in their tasks. Expect stethoscopes, X-rays, and making medicine. Not to mention building relationships with the other A&E staff!

The My Universe series is always adding new games, much to the delight of kids aged 7-10, as well as their mums who enjoy a spot of casual gaming (that's right, the statistics show that this kind of game is popular with women).

My Universe - Doctors & Nurses - Microïds - The doctor will see you now!

This time, you play as a new doctor and new nurse (you can choose the gender of each) in a hospital where not quite everything runs like clockwork: machines are broken, ghosts roam the wards, and whole rooms are out of action...

You'll meet patients, diagnose diseases, and then treat them.

You'll be putting your grey matter and reflexes to the test without even realising it! Stethoscope, syringes, bandages, thermometers... everything you need to play doctors and nurses.

My Universe - Doctors & Nurses - Microïds - The doctor will see you now!

We loved how the game has a story. You won't have to settle for just treating patients; there are people from your past to meet, competition with an ambitious intern, and colleagues who don't always make life easy for the newbies... It's like an episode of Grey's Anatomy with all of the tension and twists.

Our favourite part? The super simple gameplay! Switch between doctor and nurse at the press of a button. You don't even need to worry about beating the clock, and there's always an arrow showing you how to get around the labyrinthine hospital.

My Universe - Doctors & Nurses - Microïds - The doctor will see you now!

Our advice? As there's a lot of text and dialogue, you'll need to be able to read to play this instalment of My Universe. Not one for younger kids, but ages 7-10 will love it.

A cute and unpretentious little sim game that's a hit with younger gamers.

My Universe - Doctors & Nurses
  • Age3


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Publisher: Microïds

Developer: It Matters Games

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